Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday at the Cyprus Inn-Plus a Reminder!

Outdoor Wednesday is hosted by my friend, Susan of A Southern Daydreamer.

Last Thursday my mother and I had some business in Tuscaloosa, so we were excited to be able to have lunch with my son ("Bama") while we were in town (my eldest son  attends the University of Alabama).
I had only one resturant on my mind that day...and it just so happens to be just across the river from my son's dorm.....The Cyprus Inn Restaurant.

Beautiful riverfront views combined with quality southern cuisine and friendly service has made Cypress Inn Tuscaloosa's premiere casual dining establishment. Speaking of views....this was the view outside from our table inside.

Though there are also beautiful views from the outside seating....

Offering an extensive menu, there is something for everyone. On that particular day, I ordered a new salad to the menu, Apple Salad. It was divine with fresh salad greens, bleu cheese crumbles, pears and a honey lemon dressing. It was so fresh and the dressing so light and a wonderful accompaniment to the salad. I also got the soup of the day, potato cheese. It was delicious as well. My mother ordered their signature split rolls with prime rib and french fries. It must be delicous, aside from being one of their signature dishes, my mom orders it every time we have the pleasure of eating at the Cyprus.

After our meal the three of us walked a down to the river and took in the scenery. Bama then had somewhere he wanted to take us...or rather show us. It was a "cave" area wheere in last week's cold snap, er-Artic Blast!- massive icicles had formed on the sides of the caves exterior.  It was gorgeous!

Here is Bama, trying his best to hide from my camera. Since he hit puberty in middle school, he hides from my camera. He does not "want his photos on the internet". I guess I should be glad? But as a blogger and photographer, you know this is hard for me. But this photo doesn't count. One couldn't recongnize him in a line up, not that he is running from the law or crazy ex girlfriends.  He is a good boy. Don't tell him I said that.
Here he is holding up one of the huge icicles.

Here is the entry to the cave:

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Don't forget!!
See you tomorrow (this evening links will be up) for Thrifty Thursday!
Happy Day, y'all!

Cypress Inn Restaurant
501 Rice Mine Road North
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406
(205) 345-6963


LV said...

You really shared some great pictures with us today on your trip to Tuscaloosa. That cave shot with the huge icicles is awesome.

Maya said...

These icicles are impressive..., and your salad, yummy.

luna miranda said...

i love the outside seating with those torches and view of the river. great photos!

Light and Voices said...

It is hard to believe that Alabama has icicles but I saw them with my very own eyes and so it is. Nice job on the photos.
Joyce M

Maggie B said...

Hi Leigh,
Looks like a great place to have lunch, I think I'd be choosing what your Mom had, it sounds delish.
Have a great OW.

Regina said...

Beautiful place. Great outdoor post!

Mari said...

Beautiful pics! What is is with kids and the camera? Mine do the same thing!

Keetha Broyles said...

I love, love, LOVE those huge icicles that form on rocks from runoff. They are so amazing!

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhh such pristine beauty! And look at those icicles!! Wow.

Now, what's this about Thrifty Thursday? I hope I remember to come back and see what it's all about.

My wednesday sketch post is HERE if you'd like to stop by to view.

Helena said...

Great shots! Those are some serious icicles. I haven't even seen anything that big yet this winter.

KBeau said...

Beautiful pictures, Leigh. Love those icicles. Hope the cold stuff is over for a while. Was in Destin during the coldest days, and it was pretty frigid there as well.

LauraBeth said...

I adore the Cypress Inn, and it was always THE spot to eat a nice dinner when family came in town while I was in college. Glad to see the place is still keeping their tradition of quality!

Patti said...

Love the icicles (quite a common site up here in NY!!) Photo of son is cute (and I am sure he loved that you put his name and the word "puberty" in the same sentence - haha) See you tomorrow!

4thelove! said...

....oh Bama...why do you fight it..why....

Joops said...

Humongous icicles!

Snow no More for Outdoor Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I have a sudden craving for a salad with apples and blue cheese, I wonder why?
Lovely photos.

Kathy b

Bama Belle said...

Oh how gorgeous. We saw scenes like that in Gatlinburg, but to think T-town had them WOW! We really did get cold! Glad to know Bama is doing well. Lots of love!

Lori E said...

We have a local riverfront restaurant called the Kingfisher. The view from its windows looks almost identical and they have almost the same logo with the bird in it, a kingfisher obviously. Maybe we are living parallel lives here.
I am not allowed to photograph my sons either. They do not want to be in my blog ever. Neither one uses Facebook. Private young men. They don't email with anyone either. Very strange because they are both computer users.
One of them doesn't even use a cell phone any more because of the cost involved.
Good thing I don't talk about them eh?

Mary said...

Your photos are wonderful. I'm glad you were able to visit and enjoy your sons company. I hope you are having a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.

The Hickmans said...

As always, wonderful pictures! I've missed you, girl! I just can't figure out how to work, raise kids, keep a clean house and blog!!

Jane said...

Hi Leigh,
The Cypress Inn looks like a beautiful spot to have lunch. I loved seeing the sun shining (we've had fog and dreary skies for days).
Those are some impressive icicles for your neck of the woods.

Amanda said...

Love the Cypress Inn - I got engaged there eleven years ago!

Kirby3131 said...

That apple salad sounds just divine! What a hoot that you posted the hiding shot of your son. Love it. "Fine. If you won't look at me, then I'll post this one!" hahahaaha

Gorgeous ice formation!