Thursday, January 28, 2010

Help? (Updated)

*Updated again.
I can see!
Like many of you it took awhile to load. I dont know what the deal is. Hope it will "fix" itself. I did not add or delete anything. I didn't even move anything so dont know why that happened. I am sure a blogger issue. I get so frustrated. Wish blogger had "customer service".

In other news, I have also discovered that 1123 emails/comments went into a spam folder. I apologize if you had a question or email that went unresponded by me. I apologize. My husband resolved that issue. If you had a question that went unanswered, email me again. My apologies~!

Anyway, Thank you all for your help!

*UPDATED*- You ladies are fabulous! I appreciate your kindness and telling me what you can see. Still at my end, I see a white background. I have checked on two differnt computers, so who knows what is going on.
As far as the Mr. Linky, I am going to go back in and repost it (all the links that were on it should come with it).

Thank you so much for the feedback. You are awesome!!!!

I cannot see my background.
Or my sidebar.
Or my music.
I cannot scroll past my Thursday post.
I cannot see my Thrifty Thursday Mr. Linky list.
When I go into the post from edit it's still there.

Blogger issue? has this ever happened to you? I dont know what to do.

Sad and Frustrated,


Shininggoober said...

I couldn't see your background or sidebar when I first clicked on but after several seconds they popped up. :)

Charlene said...


When I first clicked onto your site, I got the same thing--white background, this post, and the post for Thrifty Thursday but not the Mr Linky. Then it "suddenly" all appeared. I clicked on the header to re-load, got the same white page--then clicked somewhere around the header for this post--and it all pops back up correctly.

Bama Belle said...

I see it!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Did you find out what was wrong? I see background, sidebar and everything.

I've never had this problem....knock on wood!!

Gwen said...

Dear Sad and Frustrated,

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I can see and hear everything on your blog. It is indeed beautiful and I am sure that your blogger woes will end soon.

I must read way to many advice columns!

Allie and Pattie said...

Uh oh. Honestly, I wish I could help, but we are so new to this and I am SO clueless. If it's any consolation, everything is visible here. Can you contact an administrator?

4thelove! said...

oh no....I wish I could help!

KBeau said...

I can see all of that. I was afraid you were going to say that you have a computer virus. I've been hit with one and am currently been working through a fix. So far only doing diagnostic stuff.

I seem to remember all of that happening to me with Blogger, but it's been a while. It also happened when I visited a few other blogs. I couldn't see their posts, but I could see their background, etc.

Wish I could tell you how I "fixed" it, but I don't remember.

Tricia said...

Hi Leigh.
Well, if this helps, I can see it all. No problems here.
It has happened to me. I had an experience where I was locked out entirely from my blog for a few days
For me some of the problems were from my background at the time. I got rid of it, or changed it (don't remember) and it got better. It's also possible that it is your player. On occasion, mine would give me a bit of trouble. More than likely though, it's a blogger issue. Mine lasted for about 6 days last time. Made me crazy. Once I got in and made those changes (background, etc...) it got better.
I wish you luck, my friend. I know it's frustrating. I got in here just fine though, so I'm assuming most people can.

Big hugs, sad and frustrated girl!

Calamity Anne said...

Everything you're having a problem with isn't showing up on my end. Background, sidebar, music, etc. is all there!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Everything is there now. It just took a while to load. Hope everything is alright on your end.

Keetha Broyles said...

Maybe it is your background - - - I can see it, but it is REALLY slow loading.

You don't have an archive lists, did you take it off or is it something that has disappeared?

I can click on the "older posts" button at the bottom of your page and it will take me back to older posts.

I'm guessing this is something that happened when you moved some blog elements around - - - like your music player.

Could Mr. Linkey have disappeared because of a problem at Linkey and not with your blog?

Dixie said...

this has happened to me before. it had to do with a post being too wide. I don't remember exactly, but I worked backwards into the problem - undoing everyting I had done, until it was fixed. wish I could be more help...

Mari said...

It's 8:20 pm. I don't know when you posted this, but it's all there and working normally for me. Hope you can see it now!

Low Tide High Style said...

Leigh, I was just wondering the same thing about your blog. I blamed my son for being on his laptop, and things not loading because he was using up all the bandwidth lol! Sorry, I have no idea why that would happen! I hope someone is able to explain it for you!

Kat :)

jennifer said...

Leigh, I had issues similar to yours and I changed backgrounds. I even changed from one free background provider to a completely different one. It helped.

And you are RIGHT about blogger. It can be very frustrating.