Monday, November 2, 2009

Costume Contest Participants-Vote!

UPDATED!!! There were some technical difficulties on Monday with the contest. Many people could not get through to vote, fortunantley the contest is open all week and only one vote per catagory is allowed. You may vote for all three catagories.
I hope to have worked out any kinks by putting all of the contestant photos up versus the slideshow. You can click any photo for a closer look.  I also used one photo per contestant.  Votes left in the comments will not be counted.  To vote, go to the sidebar on the top right of the blog and vote under each catagory. 
In that computer problem, "Pumpkin" in the adult catagory was not listed. It is now up. In fairness, Votes for Pumpkin will be counted by vote number rather than percentage and then tallied at the end of the week with all of the adult contestants to provide the winner.
If you have any further questions, let me know. Hope this fixes the problem. I apologize for the issues. I still do not know what happened, but hopefully I have resolved the problem.
Now, go and VOTE for your favorite! Best of Luck to everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! By the looks of the contest entries for the 2009 Tales from Bloggeritaville Halloween Contest, it appears everyone did! We have some outstanding costumes, it's going to be very difficult to chose a winner, they are all so good. Fortunate for me, I am not making the decision, that is up to you to cast your vote (one entry per catagory). You can ask your friends and family to vote too!

Without further Ado...Here are our nominees (I always wanted to say that. LOL)
Children's Contestants:


Bat Princess

Fairy Princess

Charlie Brown as a Ghost

Chomp, Chomp (Little Tebow)



Titantic Ghost

Wicked Witch of Oz

Little Clown

HR Pufnstuff, Mayor of Living Island

MadHatter(from Alice in Wonderland)

Strawberry Shortcake



Jolly Green Giant and Little Sprout

Hippy Chic

Sarah Palin

A Dust Bunny (not to be confused with the DB)


In the Animal Group: There were only two
It's a head to head battle between
Princess Puppy

Inmate Puppy

You can find the Voting Tab on the Tales from Bloggeritaville sidebar, just underneath the "Follower" button on the top right.
Polls close at 6PM on November 5th.
Be sure to tell your friends and family to vote!
You can vote one time per catagory.

On November 6th I will announce the winner of each category.
The winner in each category will receive a Bloggeritaville Prize. I am hoping to get some business sponsorship on that one. If anyone is interested, let me know (if anyone wants to join in and donate prizes, let me know. It's good marketing and lots of fun).

Sarah of LuShae Jewelry is hosting a competition on her website, LuShae Jewelry. Be sure to click over for more information on how you can win $200.00 CASH.  That's right, I said cash. While there, be sure to check out the blog badges. To visit the site: CLICK here.

If you missed  how we spent our Halloween in Funky Town., you will NOT want to miss, click on "Funky Town" to see the party that rivals a Martha Stweart Halloween Event. Hope you all had a fun Halloween.

Thanks for stopping by, friends-old and new. And if you are new, won't you become a follower by clicking the button on the top right sidebar. Bloggeritaville always has room on the "island" for more friends!


Mari said...

Well that was fun! But, oh so hard!

HEWY said...

Awesome, I cant wait to see them all and vote!

jennifer said...

Does my vote count for the Dust Bunny? I am biased you know :)

I'll have to show the Charlie Brown ghost to my kiddo - she was talking about it this weekend and she'll love that pic!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I voted!
Now I know where to come for ideas next year.

Dawn said...

Was that you Jennifer? I thought it might be. I almost voted for you but hey, I had to vote for myself didn't I?

Thanks for all the fun Leigh. I'm surprised there weren't more pet entries. But I didn't get Sunny in there either, couldn't find last years photo when he was a pile of leaves with a squirell on his back. I think that category is turning into big dog v. small dog. It was dead even aftern I voted.

Condo Blues said...

I love the twisted sense of humor of some of those kiddos.

Melissa and Cas said...

I meant to get a picture sent in for the pet contest! I forgot about it until it was too late! :(