Monday, October 12, 2009


Isn't it fun when old friends get together? Such was the case not long ago when I called up my friend Charnita and asked her if she was ready for a spur of the moment trip to take in a great band. Luckily, Charnita works like I do, she can appreciate a good spontaneous whim. And so it was, we loaded up in the car with camera in hand to take in a musical performace of some (old? I dont think that's the right word)  friends' in their band, Vallejo.

You have probably heard Vallejo here on my blog, and not even realized it. Their music can be played on my sidebar Playlist. Check 'em out!
The band is made up of  three brothers, AJ (vocals,guitar), Alexandro (drums) and Omar Vallejo(bass, vocals), as well as my highschool chum Bruce Castleberry on rhythm guitar & vocals and Jeff Hartsough a fairly newcomer to the band on bongos.

Vallejo's sound is very unique, I would call it Latin Funk, though not sure they would agree to that genre. They can harmonize like song birds. I guess after being together for over 15 years, it is natural for them. Their website describes them as " a striking blend of modern rock grooves, potent guitar work, Latin percussion and soulful lyrics has made VALLEJO one of the most popular bands to hail from Austin, Texas. Their music immediately hooks listeners right in, taking them on a roller-coaster ride of musical beats and expressions."

Vallejo is now located out of Austin, Texas, but recently made a trip through my town with a stop at the Iron Horse Cafe. It has been about 15 years since I last rocked out to a *live* Vallejo show, though they can often be heard playing out of my minivan CD player. LOL.

The guys still had it, haven't changed a bit ever after all these years (unlike me, why is that?). If anything, their voices have aged like fine wine,only getting better. They have an extensive road schedule, check it out, for I am quite certain that they will soon be playing a show near you! And if they aren't check out their website for all their music CD's and video's, so you can "VALLEJO" too.


Jane said...

Leigh - You are MY inspiration!! I love your spontaneous spirit and wish I could be a little more "go with the moment" type of gal. You really do look like you have a lot of fun!
I haven't forgotten about sending you the darn real job keeps getting in my way!!
I'll be back on Thursday with some thrifty find!

Bama Belle said...

Great fun! Glad you two girls got some time in! These pictures are great!

JennV said...

Sounds like a good time! I've heard of them, but don't recall the sound... Think I'll trip on over to their website and see what they're all about!

BTW... Have you seen Whip It yet?!?!? Next bout is on the 17th... Be there or be square! LOL!

jennifer said...

Now that sounds like FUN!

Blondie's Journal said...

You sure know how to have fun!! Rock on, spontaneous girl!!


Joyce said...

Will check out the music for sure.

Denise said...

What a fun time you must have had.

If I could change something about myself, it would be to be more spontaneous. I always have to plan things things ahead of time.


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Leigh~ I am passing on a fun blogger meme~ if you have time. Come find out what it's all about.

Inspired Comblogulations said...

You got it... I am a talker! Love the name of your blog... decided to follow along... you will be on blog roll shortly.
Be Blessed!

Charnita said...

Good time, girlfriend! You, me, a camera, good music.....spur of the moment girls night!!!! What's not to love. Gotta love sneaking in bootleg, as well.