Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fit to be tied

Thanks to everyone that linked up to Thrifty Thursday yesterday, as well as those that paid visits! I also wanted to once again tell Marion of Miss Mustard Seed thankyou for guest posting. I must apologize, There was a foul up with the link to Miss Mustard Seed's blog, it is or click here for the direct link to Miss Mustard Seed. She did such a wonderful job yesterday, I hope you will drop by her blog and show her some L*O*V*E!

I also wanted to let everyone know, that next week's Thrifty Thursday will not run due to Thanksgiving. We will pick up the week following.  It is my wish for you to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal with your loved ones. Have safe travels, no matter if the road is near or far. And remember to count all your blessings. I pray they are plentiful!

Now onto today's post...Kitchen Chairs. It's an idea I first saw in Country Living Magazine.
Dress up kitchen chairs with these one step slipcovers made by simply tying on full or half length aprons. The aprons below each have a story. The bibbed one was actually made by my mother for me to wear in the 3rd grade Thanksgiving play. I was a pilgram. The middle one my mother made in home economics class as a child. The one to the far right was given to my mom by my cousin, Beckie. It is hand embrodiered.

Be sure to leave the strings a little loose so they won't pull with you sit down.

Pleasant reminders of Grandma and her home cooking, vintage aprons provide kitchen charm with homespun fabrics, delicate embroidery andcolorful applique's. New aprons can also be used.


Blondie's Journal said...

What a cool idea, Leigh! I never would have thought of this and it is really a great way to make an outdoor party a bit more formal. Fantastic!!


Jane said...

That's a very cute idea. My mom wears an apron every time she's in the kitchen. She also makes aprons for a local shop in her hometown. To date she has made (and sold) over 200 aprons....not bad for an 80 year young grandma!!!
Have a great weekend and a very Happy Thanksgiving.

sarah said...

this is a great idea and would work perfectly with my kitchen chairs


jennifer said...

What a cute idea! I have aprons that my grandmother made. I never would have thought of that.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Leigh. If you need anything next week, call me!

nancygrayce said...

I love this idea! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving....I'm thankful to be able to say you're my friend.

By the way, I totally missed the 43rd grade and I'm really upset! :)

Audra said...

I saw this in the magazine and thought it was adorable, wondering how practical or user friendly it would really be. Thank you for trying it out and sharing it with us, now I am know it will work, be functional and look darling!

What a great way to show case vintage and well loved aprons.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I remember seeing this in the mag! So super cute. And I love that you still have your pilgrim apron...that's just adorable. :-)

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I love the apron on the chair. So sweet. Also, thanks again for letting me be a guest on your blog. :)