Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am tackeling a new project today. Actually it started a few weeks ago, but was sidetracked until the kids got back into school. I am painting the lower interior portion of my house. Walls, trim....just me. I am a glutten for punishment, I guess. I know it is going to be far less embarrassing to have people over though. Our house is certainly lived in, and well needed a new coat. So today, I am not prepared for my post but in a few days I will be for guest. Smile.

I posted my Farmers Market post for my Outdoor Wednesday today.

I do have a Thrifty Thursday post for tomorrow. I will cue it up this evening, so be sure to link up, later, with your treasures!

I am leaving myself sometime this evening to read blogs. I didnt get to comment yesterday. And I also have some "following" I am going to link up to.
Have a great day!


Dawn said...

Sounds like a big project girl. I can barely get through one room at a time. All that up and down the ladder cutting in kills my knees! Are your paint cans full of rich vibrant colors or smooth creamy nuetrals?

I mentioned some doors I'd show you a long time ago. They're my Wordless Wed post today so it will be a quick stop if you have time ~ no reading!

Christina said...

Have fun w/your project. I'm very behind on blogging/commenting again myself. I hope to join you tomorrow. Our dad had an emergency appendectomy last Thursday. Crazy.

I love your "Let there be White" post too. Beautiful things.

linda said...

Everything always looks better with a fresh coat of paint! Good for you for taking on the job!

I haven't joined in on Thrifty Thursdays for awhile but I'm planning on joining in tomorrow. I've had great luck thrifting lately!

Shelia said...

Now Dear One, I have to tell you, I know why you can't get your projects're just walking on that beach too much. See? I can see you up there! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)