Sunday, August 9, 2009

Encourgament, Blessings and Praise...and potentially a list of best and worst bathrooms.

I think I logged in over 1600 driving miles last week! Between trips to Florida and surrounding areas to trips to Mississippi in preparation for the estate sale and the sale itself. I feel confident enough to publish a brochure of the 10 best and worst places to stop for bathroom breaks in Alabama and Mississippi, though I won't.
In addition to those trips I also went to the University of Alabama with my son, "Bama" to run a few errands and turn in some things before he leaves for college on Friday of this week. Sister Sledge and J Smooth will return to school on Thursday of this week, with meet the teacher days dotting the upcoming week. It's been a busy few weeks! Can you believe that summer (as me and my kids know it) is already winding down? I really hate it, because aside from all the tattling and name calling, pushing and shoving, I do enjoy my kids being home. I really do.
Though I do get a chuckle from this commercial:

Today I was paid a visit by one a fellow blogger, who I like to call friend, Teresa of Grammy Girlfriend. Teresa left this comment, "Always love my stops at your blog....and the music makes me smile....Have a happy Sunday." It made me think, of the simple things in life that can offer smiles. Teresa gave me one today. I jumped over to her blog to let her know and came across a post she has written on Encouragement. She added another (updated) paragraph on her post because she didn't want to "come off as though she had it all". I had this to say back to her,

"Teresa, You are a person that always offers friendship and encouragement, but I don't think at all you come off as someone who is better than anyone (by thinking that they have it all together all the time). I think life and the situations in it are managed through faith and having a positive attitude. Sure, it isn't always obtained, for we all have moments where we are weak, for we are human, but after the pity party (and make it short) dust yourself off and get back in the saddle of life. I relate so much to you in the sentence " I do good in the Big Things...I do a little less than Great in the little things". That is so me. I get so frustrated at little things that sometimes set me off, such as someone who is rude and the big things I am a rock. I also think that through trails we grow as people and we grow in our faith and relationship with not only God but one another. It's through encouragement and support that our relationships deepen and strengthen. And in all those situations that are not good ones, we must stop and think...what is the ray of light in the darkness? Where is the rainbow? Make a positive from a negative.I find so much encouragement from your post...and you. Thanks friend!"

I receive so much encouragement from your visits here to Bloggeritaville. Yes, YOU, my friend, the very one reading this. I have shared this already, but it applies...there are times I feel like I am constantly running attempting to get things accomplished and coming up short. But when I sit down at my computer for a breather, I always find encouragement when I see that you have visited Bloggeritaville and took time to leave a comment or an email. It's like a hug. I feel guilt, as though I have come up short these days in spreading myself around but I promise that after next week, when all of my children are in school I hope to feel less like, (my mom's expression) for lack of a better comparison, "a turd in the toilet bowl". True, it's not a joyful image to conjure up, but life isn't always sugar coated, and often times these days I DO feel as though I am circling round and round just trying to stay afloat. LOL! And one has to laugh. In the grand scheme of things, I have little real worries, for God blesses me each day. I think it's important to stop, and listen. Be still and listen. And count our blessings.I think it is good to count our blessings everyday.

Speaking of counting blessings, I have a praise report..... (my children's friend) Garrett came through brain surgery wonderfully. Doctors are watching a little "something" but feel as though it is swelling. Thank you all for your prayers, and please continue to pray-for he still has a road ahead of him in healing and getting to full speed.

I want to thank my friend Jennifer, Dust Bunny Hostage for asking her readers to pray for Garrett. A prayer chain for Garrett...for where a link alone is weak, many together it is strong. Thank you, Jennifer for your friendship and constant example of christian love and acceptance. I am blessed for knowing you and honored to call you my friend.

I just thought I would publish a rare weekend post.
Just some thoughts I had to ramble off.

I do want to encourage you to visit Teresa's blog. Right now she is hosting her own giveaway, which is valued at over $100.00. And as if that isn't enough, she is also hosting a blog carnival of giveaways, but some very giving bloggers. All you have to do is visit Teresa's blog for details.

Be sure to come back tomorrow. I still have lots to say about the experiences that were made of all those driving miles. And there are many. LOL.
Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!
Praise God!


Ally0005 said...

I enjoy my kid’s home also. I hate that they are going back on Monday, back to a schedule; cold weather is coming and sickness. Have a great Sunday!


KBeau said...

I'd love to see your bathroom list. We travel I-20 across Alabama and Mississippi frequently, visiting my mother in Arkansas. We also spend a lot of time on Hwy. 78 between here and Little Rock. We have our places we like to stop, but none of them are for the quality of the bathroom, unfortunately.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Thanks so much for that sweet note......I always enjoy my visits to your blog...I am glad you were encouraged.....Hey, we all need a little EVERYDAY!


Mari said...

I always laugh at that commercial too - even now that none of my kids are in school! I liked my kids home too.
You are always encouraging too and I love coming here. This is one of my must reads!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I thought I was the only one who laughs out loud at that commercial.
It must be a parent thing!!

Lady Katherine said...

Oh, I know the bathroom list! I been to funerals the last few weeks, and also a trip to the Gulf Coast, one visit to Louisiana. How I was wishing for the Motor Home! lol I have to tell you about one stop, had a flat, OK, Bathroom is Coed, The guys place is totally open, the ladies one door does not lock flies open, Your praying no man comes in! So dirty! The worst! Yes, I from Mississippi! But I hate bathrooms on the road! lol
I loved your topic. We are all in different lives, and times of our lives. Life happens, and we need to be content with what we have. Coming home, from some homes,and people talking how much their mortgage was. I walked into my 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow, and fell all in love again! I am blessed, I just wish the remodel was done! lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for posting that commercial! We moved out of the States before my kids were old enough to appreciate it and now I can SHOW them the euphoria that parents the world over celebrate at this most "lovliest" time of the year, lol!

Kim said...

I get a HUGE amount of encouragement from the blogs I visit! No matter how crazy life can get, I can count on smiles and laughs when visiting y'all :-) As well as words of wisdom and common sense. And all in a language I understand! LOL

Had to chuckle at the reference to best and worst bathrooms. I am a connoisseur of the potty stop :-) On our first trip to Argentina my hubby had warned me to be prepared for rather primitive conditions AND the possibility that no t.p. would be provided as we made pit stops in our travels. I seriously packed a WHOLE SUITCASE of Charmin. LOL And glad I did because that lasted us almost the entire month we were here. Happy to say that in the intervening 13 years the country has seen an upsurge in proper toilet facilities but I STILL travel with a roll of t.p. in the car :-) And I'm partial to YPF gas stations as they seem to be the cleanest (in general).

Keetha Broyles said...

Just gave you a shout out on my macaroni pie post - - -

Patti said...

its my all-time favorite commercial...I enjoy it - - even though I am a teacher!!

jennifer said...

Praise God for the good report for Garrett. Let's stand in agreement that it is JUST swelling. Continuing to pray for his complete healing.

Hugs Leigh!!

Jenny G said...

I hate that school is starting up, this mama's having a hard time accepting "big" school this year, so I can only imagine what it's like to be sending one of yours off to college! Good luck and I'll know he'll do wonderfully!