Friday, May 29, 2009


The Nester is having a Lampapalooza Party.
I thought I would join in and show you my collection of lamps.
This cheetah lamp is at my computer desk. When it is turned on the wild cheetah print shows from the underside of the lampshade. There is a joke somewhere in there, but I am going to keep mum.

This lamp is in my Den. My little Monkey. He's a good "un", he's been holding those little lights up for me for years.

This was a thrift store find and is one of my favorite lamps....

In Sister Sledge's room (my "tween") we have this lamp. I LOVE it, it is an antique given to me by my cousin Beckie. LOVE Beckie too. (Thanks Beckie!) The lamp is pink and chippy, as seen at the base.

It's a tall lamp. I purchased the shade to coordinate with Sledge's room...

Here is the chandelier that hangs above her bed. I got this lamp at Hobby Lobby. On sale is cost all of $25.00. I thought I could move it to other places when we get tired of it there. I am a mover.

This one is in my room, a Kirkland's find. A "candelabra lamp".

This alabaster lamp is in my hallway. Kirklands, again. I actually have two of these.
This one, yet another Kirkland's lamp for 9 bucks, is in my children's bathroom (hence the toothbrush in the background). I like that the bulb looks like a flame. And it is perfect if the kids get up at night, it doesn't put out to much light to wake everyone up.

And finally, those who read my blog have heard about it, asked about it, well here it is. You gotta have humor and whimsy. This is the lamp in my husband's office at home.

The "Leg Lamp" from the Christmas story.
And that concludes my tour. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for dropping by Bloggeritaville. I hope you will again! I love my friends! You're welcome anytime!
Now, you can go see everyone else's lamp fixations at Nesting Place.


Mari said...

You have the ability to find cool things and then find a great place to put them. I can see things that I like but I never know where to put them!

Blondie's Journal said...


You have some very unusual lamps~and I mean that in a good way! I love the monkey (at least he is holding lamps and not cymbals~if you remember those creepy things!) and I do like your cheetah lamp, very cool.

Your husband's lamp? Well, they never grow up, do they??

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for your recent comments. I took everything to heart. :-)


The Hickmans said...

Oh, I love it!! I only have 3 lamps in my entire house, but you have inspired me! =)

KBeau said...

I can't believe you have a leg lamp. I thought my friend Don was the only person I knew who had a leg lamp.

Martha said...

Beautiful lamps! Especially the cheetah and the chandelier! I've never seen those at Hobby Lobby.. I might have to go check them out! Thanks!

Keetha said...


1) Three of your lamp photos seem to be missing on this post - - - I can only see tiny boxes where they are supposed to be. (Try reposting - - - that's my cure-all)

2) The cheetah lamp is a SCREAM. I especially like the print showing through the lamp when its lighted

3) I remember your little monkey lamp from some earlier post

4) Bless Sister Sledge if that chandelier over her bed ever FALLS.

5) And the LEG LAMP FROM CHRISTMAS STORY!!!!!!! Are you kidding me???? Where in the WORLD did you get that?

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Two of my sisters-in-law would fight over the cheetah lamp (everything jungle! The leg lamp is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

You know I LOVE the leg lamp..... I really gotta get Steve one!!! Haven't heard from you in a while..... hope you have a great weekend!!!

Becky said...

Hey Leigh;

LUV all your lamps, especially the animal prints ones! You know me, I LUV anything with animal print!!!

I am sooooo far on blogging lately.

P.S. Also LUV the leg lamp....too funny!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


Love all the lamps...they are so unique. I love oddities.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

I would just LOVE to know how in the world I missed this party and the post? Internet Explorer has been giving my fits with Blogger! Every time I try to log onto your site it boots me off again. Grrrrr. Well now that I am here, I love your lamps, especially the leg lamp. My husband wants it for his music/man room.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love the monkey lamp - and the picture, letter, and window behind it!

Watch out for the leg lamp. I've heard they'll 'shoot your eye out.' ;-)

Kirby3131 said...

Do you know that we both referenced A Christmas Story on the same day in our blogs. Too funny. Love the Leg Lamp - Love it!

You've got some pretty spectacular lamps. I've always wanted a fancy chandelier - love the one in your daughters room.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

Junk Mammas said...

Love the monkey lamp! Ballard designs had a chandelier with monkeys that was very neat.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I adore all your lamps, especially the Chandy and what a deal!

The Christmas Story Leg lamp always brings a smile to my face and the desire to watch the movie.

Sweet wishes,

Christina said...

Love the cheetah lamp. The leg lamp is hysterical. My sister found some leg lamp party lights at Goodwill one afternoon. They wouldn't let us buy them because they were not priced. : O

The chandelier is fabulous too.