Sunday, May 10, 2009

Buck Creek Festival 2009 and a surprise visit by Bo Bice

With temperatures feeling like early July, there couldn't be a better way to kick off that summer time feel than with a great outdoor concert---or a few! This past weekend my hometown of Helena celebrated the annual Buck Creek Festival in great style. The two day event drew thousands to the banks of Buck Creek to watch the rubber duck race, to shop arts and crafts vendors and play in the fun children's area. But it was the ten bands that were the main draw. The musical choices range from classic rock to bluegrass gospel.

The band Cuttin' Loose kicked off the festival on Friday night with classic favorites across a wide variety of musical genres. They were followed by the band Five-O, which had almost everyone in the crowd on their feet singing and dancing, including this girl, with a mix of classic rock songs with a couple country thrown into the mix.

Saturday brought out eight more bands, including the highly touted (here on my blog) Act of Congress. Such a talented group!! But it was a special surprise by a former American Idol contestant, local celebrity and all around great guy, Bo Bice, that had the crowd up and dancing on Saturday evening. The four piece country band, Deputy Five , was more than happy to welcome Bo onto the stage for a couple tunes. Bo dedicated one of favorite Skynyrd songs, Sweet Home Alabama, to his friend Ean Evans. Ean was the bassist of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd. Evans, a close friend of Bice, lost his battle to cancer this past week. The heated temperatures and excitement of the crowd came to a peak with the performance of the southern rock anthem.

Speaking of Bo, I had a chance to speak with him for a little while. I can tease that there will be at least a couple fun events that will include Bo and his hometown of Helena. While I am not at liberty to say right now, I can promise that details are soon to come.

I want to give Kudos to a few people for putting on another great festival. There are many fine volunteers that get the festival together each year, so forgive me for leaving people out, I am just naming some folks that I personally know that had a hand in making the magic happen and those folks are Festival Chairman- Jim Wathen, Council Woman -Cris Nelson, my all time favorite weatherman- Brian Peter's, Major Dundee, The Helena Police Department, The 10 Great Bands, Bo and Caroline Bice, Randy Perrin, State Representative and my friend Cam Ward, The great sponsors, area churches for free water, fans, and use of space.

Finally a special thanks to my dear, dear friend Judy Ellington at The Monkey Basket for serving up some great appetizers, great music by the Overall's and some mighty fine mojito's on her patio. If you haven't yet checked out her place, The Monkey Basket, you really should. It is located on the main drag of Old Town Helena, next to the coffee shop. (More on The Monkey Basket to come)

Kudos to blogger, Laura Beth for the fantastic design of this years t shirts. Got mine. Love it!

Proceeds from the Buck Creek Festival benefited some great charitable organizations: The American Cancer Society, Safe House and Helena Kiwanis Club.

It was a great weekend! I saw alot of good friends having good times down there-and that's what it's all about. Fun! I look forward to doing it all again next year!

Finally a teaser, that was thrown my way by Bo Bice. You all know my love of music trivia? Bice had me stumped at some trivia as we chatted at the coffee shop over this question. In the song, Sweet Home Alabama, there is a tag line at the end of song that some think is a cuss word. But it isn't. What is the line? I will just say, I failed and missed out on an opportunity to score and easy $50.00 from Bo. I don't have $50.00 but I challenge anyone to give me the correct answer, just for fun! How about a Happy Hour Drink from Sonic on me? I will mail the first person with the correct answer a gift card for a"Drink on Leigh", just like that old AC/DC song sings about.

Here is a final look at the 2009 Buck Creek Festival. Enjoy!


Keetha said...

You are the most festival goin' gal I KNOW!!!!

Kelly said...

That sounds like the most fun! Love things like that.

KBeau said...

I just googled they lyrics, read them all, and I still can't see what the line might be. Oh, well.

Sounds like the festival got in between rain showers.

Dullbert said...

Those lyrics Bo is talking about wouldn't be at the end when it says "Montgomery's got the answer" but Van Zant sounds like he's got a mouthful of marbles and it comes out Mouwwgummmrey got da ansa ? sounds like he's saying something ? with a G██ D██ dropped in for emphasis ? like "who stole my Jack Daniels G██ D██ " !

jennifer said...

I enjoyed the slide show. It sounds like y'all had a blast. Did they sell tshirts? I would love to have one.

Hugs Leigh!

Keetha said...

Hehehehehehehe KBeau and I MUST be from the same generation. I too googled and STILL couldn't figure anything out.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

So Bo knows Bloggeritaville~ You are on it!
Leigh, you crack me up!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Keetha- You and my friend Freddy both proclaim that. Y'all make me laugh!

Kelly-It was fun. Especially that trampoline thing I did. LOL!

KBeau- Dullbert got it below. It was great I missed the rain so it was all good.

Dullbert-Ha! You got it!!! For the life of me I couldn't think of the answer. I have to hear the music in my head and at that moment, I couldn't think. Hey! I will put a GC in the mail to you for Happy Hour at Sonic. Smile. At least it's happy hour somewhere.You are so good, I should've known you 'd get it. You and your music knowledge! I should've called you when I was trying to think. We could've split the 50. Oh well.

Hey Jennifer! Thanks so much! They did sell t-shirts. When I bought mine I know that they said they were running low. I would contact Jim Wathen regarding that. He would know if there are any left. His email address is
The shirts are really cool. Laura did a great job.

Keetha and KBeau- Its ok. And thats an old song, surely thats your generation too? You remember it dont cha?


Dullbert said...

Leigh - thanks for the offer but please save the GC for someone else and have some more trivia. Just glad to know I'm not the only one that mis-heard that part of the song? Did you ask Bo about the R__h cover he did ?? now that's news we can use.

justabeachkat said...

What fun you have!


Chandy said...

What a great looking group you had with you at that festival! And yes, I agree you were a bit nutty for going on that thing, but I bet you had the best time while on it. LOL

TROLL Y2K said...

I want Barney's car!