Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meeting a Dust Bunny Hostage at Big Daddy's Grill

"Do you think she will ever find this place?" I asked my mother. Leave it to me to pick a meeting spot out in the boonies. Or to me, it was the boonies, as I was unfamiliar with the area. It was quite possible that "she" might think I might try put her in a trunk. That would be my thought of meeting someone you haven't come face to face with. Someone I met on the Internet, no less. But I had nothing to fear, I was meeting the ever delightful, witty, ocean blue eyed Dust Bunny Hostage!
My mother and I had spent the first part of the day exploring Fairhope Alabama. I had been told that there was a restaurant on the Fish River of Fairhope called Big Daddy's. To me, it was a likely & obvious meeting spot. You all know that I am partial to a Big Daddy. I had looked at the Big Daddy's Grill web site before we left, so I had directions to the place. It didn't seem that far out, not until we began passing farms, patches of thick woods, and telephone poles that held the names of several families that lived down the roads in which the poles stood. Surely, she would find it? Yeah, right.

Somehow, mom and I managed to. Surely, Jennifer would? After some time, we pulled right up to it, a insignificant little one story wooden building that spread out along the river bank like a octopus with it's decks and overflows.

We walked past the motorcycle parking.

Past the huge children's sandbox (that had my son, J Smooth's name "written all over it").

To Inside, where I immediately spotted out the back door, the Dust Bunny herself at a picnic table out on the covered deck area. I felt as though I was meeting a rock star, or someone that I had long admired, someone I mentored myself after....and in all reality (which is funny to say, when you live in the world of Bloggeritaville) was true. Jennifer, Dust Bunny Hostage was and is all of those things. She is just as delightful, engaging and witty as she is at Dust Bunny Hostage, the place where she resides in all of blogland. We spent almost two hours talking about everything from the trials and tribulations of being a vegetarian (she is not, but her daughter is traveling the road I have been on much of my life) to the potential possibility that I might be some bloggy weirdo (I had introduced her to my mother as my body guard, in the case she might've tried to put me in a trunk, as well as my KNOW I would need someone to snap all the glorious shots of this momentous meeting) to the people we have in common. Those people in the "real world" and those who live in the "Blog world". We discussed many of you reading this here post. The feeling is mutual, we love you all and feel so blessed to be a part of this little world of blogging, and were wishing we could've shared the day with you too.

But that was not to be on this such day. Jen, mom and I made the best of it by enjoying great conversation and a good meal. Big Daddy's Grill is a great place for a cheeseburger along the paradise that is the Fish River (which is what Jennifer ordered). It is also a place where you can get a good basket of jumbo shrimp, which is what my mom determined. I love the atmosphere. I love little local hole in the wall places that are built on dedication and the practise of making food a religious experience. You got that at Big Daddy's Grill. The fellowship of locals, who call one another by name, and the practise of preparing food that makes one savor each bite.
Aside from my lunch companions, who I enjoyed immensely, I also got a big kick out of the menu and it's philosophies behind the fine dining establishment....

(click to enlarge)
Who couldn't love a place that request "no cussin", that you leave your shirt on ("because you ain't as fine as your momma told you") and that you pick up after your pets. There's a certain charm in that. It's a place where I felt right at home. I love it!
After our lunch, that went by much to quickly, we were getting up to leave and have our impromptu photography session, when the assistant manager, who called himself "Little Daddy", introduced himself to us. As it turns out, he and Jennifer *sort of* knew one another. They both attended the same small college and frequented many of the same places in that small town.

He readily offered up his own photography services to snap a picture of the three of us for preservation and documentation of the big day.

What a delightful day (so delightful it was worthy of it's own theme music, you can listen to over at Jen's blog)!! I found another fun place to eat at Big Daddy's......
And I got to come face to face with Jen, the one that has been "with me" blog wise for the last two years (almost). Jen was the second commenter I had (second only to the notorious Hewy of No Sleep in Helena.) I had no idea, really, what a blog even was back then. I had made my own as a challenge to my computer illiterate self. Over the past two years, Jen and I have emailed back and forth, we have prayed together, we have spoke over the telephone....and now on this day....I had a real live meeting with someone I find very special. One that I consider a friend.
My only regret of the day...that they were out of Big Daddy T-shirts! I wanted to get one for my own Big Daddy. The restaurant, Little Daddy promised that there would be some coming in soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Aside from that little let down, It is a perfect day! Indeed!
If you ever find yourself at Big Daddy's Grill, tell them Leigh sent cha!
You can read the Dust Bunny Hostage's post about our meeting here and I can guarantee you will find her as witty, engaging and delightful as I do.

**You can find more photography taken at Big Daddy's Grill, as well as other interesting places at my Smug Mug Site. **

as a sidenote, after seeing how dishelved I had allowed myself to become, I went and bought myself a haircut, as seen in my profile picture. You know I am always fretting over finding a new seems I just keep going back to varied versions of that cut. Oh, well. It does look a bit better than the longer version. Anyway....


jennifer said...

Woot Woot! We had fun, didn't we? Love the pics of Big Daddy's and the 'self portrait' turned out a LOT better with your camera.

That was so cool to me that Little Daddy knew my friend from high school. Surely I had seen him on campus back in the day, but I can't remember. And I SURE don't look the same from 20 years ago so I know he didn't recognize me LOL! It's a small world.

This was beautifully written Leigh. You are AWESOME. I didn't know I was your second commentor - that makes me feel special :)

Maybe we'll get to see each other at the Buck Creek Festival. I would really like to attend.


Betty Jo said...

Leigh what a fun place and a fun meeting for you guys! It's awesome you were able to get together. ♥

linda said...

Yep, it sounds like you had the perfect day! So fun for you to meet a blogging friend in person. I've done so twice myself. More people should step out of their comfort zone and take the chance...they just might make long lasting friendships like we've made.

No fair though, I didn't take a bodyguard/photographer with me!

I've been so busy I haven't joined in on Thrifting Thursday for a few weeks now. I'm ready for this week though!

Chandy said...

Leigh, a great blogger like deserves such great opportunities like meeting Jennifer to post about! We are real through our posts, meeting each other is the next logical step to the fun! :-)

Leigh of said...

Jennifer- I am hoping to see for Buck Creek! I hope we can make that happen! It will not come soon enough!Love ya, friend!

Betty jo- It was quite a treat!

Linda- You are forgiven! Yur to sweet to hold any grudges against (not that I am that type person anyhow....because I am not)Thrifty Thursday's are laid back, just join in when you can. I would LOVE to have you friend. And I would love to meet you one day!

Chandy-You are absoltley correct! All of your tablescapes have me dreaming of comig over to your place for supper. LOL!

Bama Belle said...

How beautiful my two blogging friends are! I am so thrilled Y'all had such a fun day. You are such amazing women I know it was a day to remember!

funky bag freak said...

Looks so fabulously fun! Since we have so much in common, I think I need to come visit. LOL

It look absolutely beautiful!

Nadine said...

I really enjoyed reading your version of the meeting. I had read Jennifer's earlier today. You both are a crack up. Isn't it fun to meet a blog friend finally? I have a couple of times and I have never been disappointed.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I will be back.

nancygrayce said...

How great to meet! And I love the haircut! Looks great and when you find a cut that works, it seems we go back to that time and time again.

SILVER said...

i am so jealous of hearing about so many of you gals getting to meet one another.. after getting to know each other through blogging.

sigh.. maybe i'll just have to get all these cool mamas on one list and then, hop on the plane and come your way.. to just hang out for a day or two at Big Daddys!

HEWY said...

You Found the Dust Bunny and the Big Daddy Grill! It's a plot for a great short story.

Polly & Steve said...

I love your pictures and article, makes me want to go. I am so jealous that I didn't get to go, It won't be long before my bionic knee will make it where I can jump down to Big Daddy's (smile) I have missed you and Jennifer so much while I have been sick but I am almost all mended. Maybe we can have lunch before I go back to work.

Dullbert said...

ok had to get confirmation from my friend in Fairhope but when I saw that building and the picture above the motorcycle parking I thought I know that place. Years ago it was a small grocery store/marina/pool hall/bait shop. Spent many hours hanging around that place playing pool, pinball and water skiing. What threw me were the houses across the river looks much nicer now, back then in was skiers, fishermen and local river rats overall kind of a dumpy place but cool. Seems like I knew the daughter of the owner but can't come up with a name?

butterflygirl said...

How fun and love the new look!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I had such fun with you and the Dust Bunnie Hostage! She is so beautiful inside and out. A sweet spirit.
Mom (a.k.a.,the bodyguard)

tricki_nicki said...

WHAT!? You and Jenn hung out? WITHOUT ME? Life is just not fair. It's not fair, I tell you!