Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grace Light by JOan

Grace Light
By Guest Poster, Joan Wilson

If you knew for sure
That sin had no power over you
What kind of person would you be?

Draw a rough sketch of that person
Dare to believe that somewhere in that sketch is
The real you!

See yourself washed clean
See your old sin scars fade away
See new life energy flowing all through you

The glory of it all is so brilliant
It is blinding to our mind
In such glory we could lose the only self we have known!

It takes a while for our spiritual eyes
To get adjusted to the glory of grace

So our Father puts faith sunglasses on us
He puts His Son-shield between us
And our Father's glory
Until our eyes get adjusted to see ourself
Everything and everyone in
Grace light

Until we can stand before our Father
Face to Face
With Grace Himself

Joan Wilson


Kirby3131 said...

That was lovely, Joan. Just lovely.

Mari said...


jennifer said...

Joan, that was SO powerful. I was blessed by your words.

And Leigh, thanks.