Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who Gives a Widdly Tink? Plus a Reminder of Thrifty Thursday!

My Family from WiddlyTinks.com
I have discovered a neat little site, if you wanted to add yet more gadgets to your sidebar. I adore the silhouette of family above. That is my family circus! You can customize your own with your family of characters. I can't believe how much that looks like Sister Sledge and Bama. That is their stances down pat! Do you think that Widdly tinks has had us under surveillance? I am sure it would provide some great reality show fodder. Although in looking more closely at Big Daddy and myself, if folks were peeking in our windows (to draw our silhouettes) they would make some "fluffier" people silhouettes. But hey! It's a great way to "loose" twenty pounds instantly.
The site has tickers, counters, etc to count down to births, holidays, marriage, any important dates.
You can compose love notes, like this one to you my friend:

Love Letter from WiddlyTinks.com

And many other ways to show my appreciation.

Fun stuff! And it can all be found at http://www.widdlytinks.com/

Finally, I want to remind all of you about Thrifty Thursday! I will post Mr. Linky on Wednesday night at 9PM so you can link up to the party. I have already seen some cool things floating about out there. Be sure to link up so you can share your treasures and ideas with everyone. See ya'll! As always, thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate you!


Bama Belle said...

Had fun on that sight huh? We missed you tonight, next time OK?

Kirby3131 said...

Ooooh, a new place to get fun free images. Thank You!!!!

SILVER said...

just visiting..and dropping ya a helo..

just came back from Baby's gone shoppin.. cool.

Mari said...

I'm going to check that site out. Thanks!

Betty Jo said...

Duhhh . . . I did a thrifty post today! I'll try to remember Thrifty Thursday next time and do another then. I knew I had seen that someplace before moving but couldn't remember where. I'm so looking forward to seeing what everyone contributes. ♥

Leigh said...

Bama Belle-Sorry. I know, I didnt have a sitter though. My oldest (my sitter, smile) was in T Town at a tenniw match and Big Daddy worked late. Shucks.

Kirby- Yeps!

SIlver-So sweet! Thank you!

Mari- You bet!

Betty Jo- NO sweat, you can still link it up tomorrow, it doesnt matter. See you then!