Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Waffle House Valentine's Day

Because it's Valentine's Day (A day I hate. You will prob recall, I have written post on my disdain. Search Valentine if you dare), I thought I would rerun this cheeky/cheesey post on my cheap date from 2009. Enjoy. And lots o love!


Ha! How else to spend Valentine's Day than by being scattered, smothered and covered?
I took Waffle House regional manager, Calvin Stokesbary up on his offer to guarantee Big Daddy and I a "different & romantic experience" on the Waffle House. Not to mention that this idea made my penny pinching husband happy. I figured he'd get a charge out of going to work on Monday telling his coworkers how he managed to get lucky by taking his wife to WH while the others had to shell out a pretty penny on some hoitey toitey meal. And Hey! I am a adventurous one, one that likes fun....and one who doesnt get into the idea much of Valentine's Day and one that loves a big plate of hashbrowns...so what did I have to loose? I made my reservation. Yes. Reservation. Who woulda thought?
Thanks to my oldest son, Bama, Big Daddy and I had a night to ourselves. When we arrived, at the Calera Waffle House, Big Daddy and I had to wait just a short time before we were seated. Every single table was occupied by elegantly dressed couples, as if they had all just come from church or a broadway show. The Waffle House was only accepting reservations for tables. If you didn't have a reservation, those customers were seated at the bar. I asked Calvin, he said that reservations were booked through 8 PM (which was actually almost 9PM, due to the fact that they allowed a 45 minute turnover time to seat guest and feed them).

After being seated in a corner, I noticed how sweet the place was decorated. Red tablecloths on the tables, candlelight at each table, soft mood music playing, and what the waitress pointed out on the table, a big candy heart dish full of candy for each guest to take home after the meal. A nice touch! And what about that stack of heart-shaped and lip-shaped waffles that passed by!

Also noted was the lighting. Calvin told me that each globe actually has two bulbs in it, but for tonight's occasion, one of the two globes were turned off to create a cozier feel. The globes were wrapped in a red netting.

Lastly, in the corner....with Big Daddy and me....a FOX 6 News TVphotographer. How is that for romance? I was a bit embarrassed after I spotted the camera facing me. Ok, more than just a bit. I was mortified. I really needed some color on my hair not to mention a haircut and most certainly my double chin would occupy much of the shot. Big Daddy, however, wanted to take full advantage of embarrassing our sweet children at home and began to unbutton his shirt a couple buttons allowing chest hair to expose. I know. I really shouldn't even be mentioning this in a post on food, but I am being truthful here. Think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Tell me that you know what I am talking about. Please.
I gave Big Daddy the stink eye and a few verbal threats through my fake smile. He must have known I meant business because he did button his shirt back up. For the love.....
"Excuse me, would you mind if I asked you both a few questions?" asked the photographer.
Heaven help me. Why was I freaking out so? I didn't want to be on tv. Again....my hair was the least of it. Surely he and Big Daddy saw my look of panic. Deer in the Headlights. I couldn't even speak. Me!!! What was up? I looked over to Calvin who was standing near the door, grinning from ear to ear. Were they incahoots?

"Sure! We'd love to!" answered Big Daddy. Who was this man next to me? Surely not my quiet husband, who hates attention and the spotlight. This was where I began to wonder if I was sitting in my own nightmare sequence. "I DO NOT WANT TO." I said aloud. And very convincingly, I might ad.
"It's ok, you don't have to say anything. We'll let your husband talk." the photographer answered back to me. Like that helped. And with that, the camera and lights were on, capturing my panic, glistening grey hairs and double chin, for all the world...ok Birmingham and surrounding metro areas....to see. Before I knew it, it was all said and done. A pretty painless operation with exception to my stunned look...and whatever I might have mumbled into the mic about me being a cheap date. Yep, that would make the parents and kids sitting at home proud. I am trying to find the video. When I do, I will post it for a good laugh.

Onto the meal. I was in the in the mood for what the Waffle House is famous for, a plate of waffles. Big Daddy opted to be "scattered, covered and smothered, with a Steak sandwich for his main entree. I told you we are easy to please. The food was good. We left fat and sassy (forgive the use of the "F" word for effect, my children arent even allowed to use that word in our home. You know FAT, such an ugly word, but for lack of expression here).

And impressed. What a cheeky.....yet cute and filling Valentine's day! That was certainly one for the books. We got scattered, covered and smothered for Valentine's Day...all for $15.00.
Did you? Don't answer that. I just hope it was a good one for you.


Kirby3131 said...

I love it!! My husband LOVES Waffle House and would have totally gone for that. I'm so proud of you for letting the cameras in on your evening.

Keetha said...

I have heard of the "evil eye" before - - - but stink eye??? You crack me up!!!

Mari said...

I'll be able to say "I knew her before fame struck"! Sounds like you had a fun time though - and unique too!

"J" said...

I love it!!!!! =)

Now I want breakfast.....I love me some WH!!!!!! =)

Leigh said...

Kirby- We had fun!

Keetha-Oh, yeaaahhhh....the stink eye!
Hey...I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your tea set on your blog. Love it! I agree, things don't matter one eye otta, except nice to look at. Yours is beautiful!

Mari-LOL! That's right! I am sure I will be snatched up after my deer in the headlights d├ębut to go onto much bigger and better things...like a sonic commercial. LOL! Isn't that the one where people look foolish?
We did have a nice time though.

J- I dont blame you. Good stuff. Love the pecan waffles.

Bama Belle said...

Well, you know when your unfaithful to your significant other, you are lucky to get a Valentine's Day. LOL Maybe the puppies will snuggle with you tonight! LOL

Bama Belle said...

I think this was too precious! I heard White Castle was doing something similar! Candle light and flowers with TABLE SIDE service! How cute is that!

Zinnia said...

I was reading this to Freddy and he was laughing so hard that he had to get up and read this himself. He said that the only reason you posted this is because you guys were on camera :)

Glad you had a quiet dinner out and some time with Big Daddy

Rebecca Gray @visitready.blogspot said...

i already loved your blog, now i may have to stalk you! i hate valentine's day, too. you are the funniest ever!