Monday, February 16, 2009

Bloggers Bearing Gifts? You Guys Are The Best!

Bloggers are really the best people. Never in a million years would I have thought that when I began my blog almost 2 years ago, that I would meet such fabulous folks-online. For people that do not blog (like my husband), it is a hard concept to grasp. I too would have balked a couple years ago, but it is the honest truth. I have met (both online...and in real life now) so many great people who have such big, creative, loving hearts....both that blog themselves as well as readers because of this thing called blogging. It really is inspiring to see that in mankind and within the sinful "Internet", gasp!
Case in point....the past week was rough. If you have been reading, you know some of the things that have been going on. But it was also a blessed week. The Lord works in mysterious ways. And my blessings arrived in my mailbox. Thoughtful expressions from bloggers, "thinking of me."

My friend, Mrs. Jules sent a box of love in the form of bookmarks.
Mrs. Jules and her good friend have started a business called Panda Designs.
The bookmarks are carefully made with beautiful decorative papers from different parts of the world. They are then made even more ornate with sweet little jeweled tassels that dangle from a gold cord.
The bookmarks just feel good in hand. They are thick with gold leaf sides. They are substantial in their weight. They will not become lost in a book. The only thing getting lost in the book is YOU!!
And they make perfect gifts. They come wrapped in a velum envelope, ready to be marked to the recipient.
Thank you, Mrs. Jules! I love my bookmarks. I have, literally, a stack of books needing some assistance like this. Books do not like turned down corners. Those bookmarks are my new best friends. (PS, Mrs. Jules, Your penmanship is gorgeous!)
Panda DesignsExquisite Bookmarks

Another package that my postman brought to my door was this one:
It was from my dear friend in Texas, "J" of Musings from Left Field". Jeannie and I have become great friends through blogging. We check in with one another weekly, if not daily. She and I have so much in common that it isn't even funny. I think she is my sister that my mom has not acknowledged. Could it be? Who and Jeannie have found a kinship in one another.
And she knows me you can see:
I LOVE my bracelet, J!!! I love it! I LOVE IT!!
And you are correct, I will think of the beach when I look at it, as well as my love for the Lord and my friendship with you. I am blessed.
I love all things that are monogrammed. I complained recently that I have the hardest time finding things with the initial B (my last name) on them. Sweet blogger, Bama Belle, heard me loud and clear when I was complimenting her monogrammed buckets in her home (pictured on her blog).
Bama Belle shared with me that her husband makes the letters. They are transfer vinyl. Which is perfect for standing up to life's many collisions and washings.
Bama Belle went beyond sharing with me where she got the initials, she gave me some straight from her own stash. Now that's a friend! I already have put one of the initials to work on a galvanized tub that I had purchased inexpensively from the hardware store.
I love it! I can't wait to have craft night at my house. Cold drinks will look great in this tub filled with ice.
Bama Belle hand delivered the initials while I was at Blogger Laura Beth's home (Rumifications of a Working Mom). LB included me in a devotional supper in honor of Bama Belle. Thank You, Laura Beth for including me and for the wonderful supper. Bama Belle, you and your family are lifted in prayer.

Finally, I want to thank my wonderful friend, Charnita once again for making buttons for my blog. I think that they RAWK! Charnita is a master.
Feel free to lift my buttons and post them on your own blog sidebar
....and for upcoming Thrifty Thursday's.

If you would like your own customised buttons, contact Charnita. She also does a heck of a job restoring old photo's. I also have seen and used her services in that department (to see go here). She is very reasonably priced, inquire to Charnita for pricing. She is truly one amazing woman.
Charnita of Charnita's Expressions. She's da best!

My sincere thanks to these thoughtful bloggers...who are so much more than bloggers, they are FRIENDS/"FRANS". Your sweet expressions are genuinely appreciated and heartfelt. I am blessed by your friendships.
Many Thanks! I love you ALL.


Keetha said...

Bama Bell must share a cat with us!!!! We HAVE that same cat here - - - we call him Gomer.

Mari said...

What sweet things you got - blogging friends are the best!

"J" said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww - I'm sooooooooooooooooo glad you liked it!!!!! I've had it for a few weeks now!!!!! =) I seen it and HAD to buy it!!!!!!!!!!!


"J" said...

PS - The "B" bucket is sooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!! =)

"J" said...

PS - The "B" bucket is sooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!! =)

HEWY said...

I love the bucket. That transferred looked great. I also think I have seen her black cat in my garage with an orange cat.

HEWY said...

PS. Guess who I met at Church yesterday?

Leigh said...

Keetha-That cat is actually Laura Beth's cat. It is part Maine coon cat? Have you heard of those? They are enormous! Her cat weighs over 20 lbs. It is gorgeous. It's name was a Lebanese name, I forget what it was though. I love the name Gomer. I am a big Andy Griffith fan. Does Gomer like your bird feeders? Or perhaps he is strictly indoor?

Mari-Indeed. You included!

J-It has been a tough week. I feel like a turd in a toilet bowl. And then I came home and found only one thing in the mailbox...and it wasn't a bill. The bracelet from YOU! You are just the dearest person. Sweetest person. Genuine person. I just adore you.Thank you so much for the bracelet. I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you sweet friend. I love you!

Hewy-my MIL! She told me. She also told me that she said, You were the one I voted for b/c Leigh told me too. LOL.

Kirby3131 said...

I love the bloggers I've met, too. Isn't it amazing the community we have formed. Love the gifts you received!

Bama Belle said...

Leigh it looked wonderful! How fun are those "B"s? I am so glad you liked them. I am praying for you this week to precious! I hope you are well and healing! Big hugs, Jess

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Wowza...*I* love your bracelet. ;-) And the "B" bucket...I love that idea for the shore house, where the margarita run plentifully in the warmer weather!

Thanks for the birthday wishes...that was so sweet of you!

hugs from the (freezing cold) shore house,

tardevil said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. I thought I came over to visit you last week, but apparently, I missed it all, so I had to catch up! Your friend post was the most touching! Glad hubby took you on a very romantic Valentine date! :O) Thanks for reminding me about Thrifty Thursday. I will definitely play along. I have so many things I can show. I forgot to link up the last time, so maybe if I copy the button, I can remember. I'm SO Dory!!!!


Loved both blogs...had a rough week myself...and the warm fuzzies made me smile. Thanks for sharing the love.