Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sisters Two Plans to Close

Everyone knows the state of economy is in a bind. No one knows this more than small business owners. It is with great sadness that my very good friend, Judy, has had to come to the decision to have to close her store, Sisters Two. Judy has operated her unique giftshop for over ten years. I know firsthand, that this was an agonizing decision for her to make. Her letter to her loyal customers is below. I wanted to pass this along because I do know several "locals" read my blog and know Judy personally. I invite you to shop her store, give her a call, write her an email or letter and give her a show of support from a community that she has proudly served for over a century.
Judy will be open until at least March and will continue to serve her corporate accounts. You can find store info and directions online:
We will miss you, Sisters Two! But when one window closes, another opens. I know that Judy will seize the opportunity to this new chapter in her life. The mountain you look up to today, may only be a hill when you look back tomorrow. A little change of perception can sometimes change a landscape.

Hello Friends:

It is a sad day and I must inform you that Sisters Two will be closing the store in Bluff Park. It has been a great 10 years and I can truthfully say that I lived my dream, succeeded and now I am going on to a new chapter in my life. Please understand that this was a difficult decision to make for my family and I and we consider each and every one of you as friends. The store will continue to meet its obligations to all corporate accounts and never hesitate to call with your needs. If I can not do it for you I will try to direct you in a direction you will need. I will still be just a phone call away. Thank you for helping me live my dream and I hope and pray that each one of you will be able to do the same in your lifetime.
Sisters Two will start selling its entire stock on Monday, January 12, at 11:00 am. This sale will include all shelving units and displays. Everything will be at 50% off. This is the final sale so if you see something you want it would be a great time to purchase it. If everything goes to plan the sale will end at the end of February and the new chapter will begin. We still have a great deal of stock left in the store. So as you know we have a lot of great gifts at 50% off.
Please forward this email to all your friends and let them know about the sale. If you have a blog please post the sale because it is great sale for everyone.
Thanks again for a great 10 years and God bless all.
Judy Ellington

Sisters Two


Melissa Wertz said...

Sorry to hear that they are closing. I wonder about the other bluff park shops?

BTW, you have been 'tagged'! Go to my photo blog for details. :D

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

It is so sad that a small independent business can't make it these days. It is hard to compete against the 'big boys'.
I'll plan to swing by tomorrow and see what I can carry home.

jennifer said...

Gosh I hate to hear this. The post that you did in December that featured the store and all of the goodies was great. It looked as though she had a lovely business. But times are hard (my husband being a small business owner, we KNOW that for a fact). Best of luck to Judy in whatever endeavors she tackles from here on out.

"J" said...

Awwwwwwwwwww I don't even know her but that is sooooooooooooooo sad she is closing!!! =(