Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feather the Fever

Wintertime Blues? Cabin Fever? Find your inspiration and "feather" your cabin fever with some cozy new looks!
I went thrifting today and it was quite successful! You would not believe the steals I carted away (as quickly as I could get them into my car). I felt so guilty, that I even put a couple of things back. I have a tendency to do to that. My conscience, "Do you really need that? Or is it a want ?". Most often it is a want. But it is so hard to argue the prices. And I have said before I am not a "Mall shopper" for some reason it makes it easier to swallow buying at the thrift store. "Just a spoon full o'sugar", eh?
The things I put back....

**A brand new galvanized bucket that had "COLD BEER" pressed into the metal. It was $6.88. I can't stomach drink beer, and my husband rarely drinks (maybe if we go out to eat, but we just dont have it on hand at home). So I couldn't rationalize buying it, as much as I thought it would come in handy for the parties I plan to throw when I am retired at the beach in 14.6 years. Silly to store it for 14.6 years. PLain silly. So I talked myself out of it. Besides....I have a much greater thing to serve cold drinks in. My cousin Beckie gave it to me. My great grandmother's double wash tub that sits on metal legs. My mother has vivid memories of her using it to wash clothes. It is one of those eclectic pieces that makes people say, "COOL!" when they see it. And I have used it many times in entertaining, if for nothing more than it's cool factor. Thank you, thank you, thank you Beckie!

This is not my was so cold to go outside and take a photo. It's supposed to be 8-10 degrees tonight.

**Another cute thing left behind...a metal planter. I know. Stupid me. It wasn't old. It was new. Very pretty. I also left behind a hand painted print of a building in Macon. I have never been to Macon, but my cousin lives there. He probably works in the very building in the painting. (I always am's just a process....). Just my luck.
I will post my finds next week. Some really great steals. And should anyone local be visiting....there is a ton of Christmas decor for 70 % off.
I was browsing the Internet for some inspiration in placing my new finds and came across this room (below). I thought inspirational. I like it because it is quaint and cottagey, but with punches of color to blow away any winter time blues. I love the carved wood Victorian furniture with bright and colorful linens. The blue paisley bed skirt and graphic orange pillows work beautifully together when combined with the striped sheets and duvet. Woven shades on the windows offer a natural element to the room. This and the following photos are from Better Homes and Gardens.
(Photo credit: BH&G)
When thrifting you will find yourself buying things and later deciding what to do with it. The prices are often so good it is hard to walk away. And for collectors, it is fun to go and "dig" to see what treasures you can find. I know there are alot of dish lovers out there. Myself included.
BH&G offers this advice, "Safely stow away heirloom delicate collectibles in a display case, but when it agrees with your tastes, collect inexpensive items that you can use, such as these colorful teacups and spoons. Then you can purchase them guilt-free and not worry if a few get chipped or broken." Great thrifting advice.
(Photo credit: BH&G)
Build Your Own Set
BH&G says "Why spend money on a pricey dining set when you can purchase a table to match your dining room's scale and color palette and find more dramatic chairs in an antique shop? A new coat of glossy black paint and toile covers make these chairs smart again, and the perfect foil for the marble-top round table." More great advice.
I have a wooden farm table sitting in my basement begging to be used. And as soon as I can convince Big Daddy that we need a new enclosed deck that is exactly where it will go. Sadly, I passed on four chairs at the thrift store last week almost identical to these. The ones I saw had rattan in between the top and middle wooden back support. Yes, kicking myself. There were four for $120.00 in great condition. My problem was storage.
(Photo credit: BH&G)
Smart Swapping
"In the living room below, a large antique mirror hangs low on the wall to anchor the sitting area and reflects the daybed, billowy sheers, and drapery panels. The classic-boned 1930s French chairs were given a fun and functional face lift by swapping out silk upholstery for cotton."
(Photo credit: BH&G)
"Put Your Stuff to Work
Another serviceable collection: Depression-era pottery with curves that look good enough to stand alone or in groups. Toss in a few stems of wildflowers when entertaining or use shallow vases as key and coin holders. " I completely agree. I believe in using what you like. Not just allowing it to sit and not be used for it's purpose. Or give it a new purpose. I purchased a huge basket for $4.88 that I am going to age and put my Christmas tree in next year. I will add some extra ceramic floor tiles to the bottom to weight it and to also provide some extra height.
(Photo credit: BH&G)
Another thing I love to look for while thrifting is old books or hymnals. I LOVE THESE. Stacking small piles of books and magazines and then layering on other decorative items is a look I love. I put finials, framed pictures, orbs, skeleton name it....on top of piled books. I also have a few child's chairs that I will pile them up in the seat.
Rustic Influence
"Two single window panels are the perfect alternative to an ordinary headboard. To get this look, find windows that measure approximately the width of your mattress. Remove the glass and install fiberboard or thin plywood over the back for safety. Cut fabric to fit each section and secure it in place with spray adhesive".
(Photo credit: BH&G)
This gave me tremendous inspiration. I have four long shutters (the size of the wndows pictured) sitting in my attic-where they have been for about 16 years. I inherited them when my uncle passed. I loved them, but didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with them. Now I know....I am going to paint them black and use them for a head board for J.Smooth's full bed! I cannot wait to get to work on the project. When I get it done, I will be sure to post the before and after.
Finally...I did pick up a mirror today. It is a glorious shape, very romantic and feminine, curvy. But it has a gold rim. Gold doesn't really go with anything in my home, so I am going to change the look up a bit on that too. Below is a bit of inspiration, courtesy of BH&G.
(Photo credit: BH&G)
Again, I will share my find next week, as well as the before and afters as I go along.
Hey! Did you know that it is delurk week? Well, neither did I. My friend Mari "told" me about it. So if you are one who lurks but doesnt comment, come out of the shadows and say hello. I know, it is embarrassing being caught reading my blog, but seriously, it isn't that bad. There have been others before you who have seemed to function ok. Overcome the fear. Besides that I love friends-both new and old! So, why not...delurk!

Finally, on a much different note, Sister Sledge got contacts yesterday. Lord, grant me patience. For an hour tonight, I tried to teach her to put them in and take them out of her eye. I wanted her to do it for herself. The doctor shared a horror story of a young lady who was a senior in high school and her mother was still putting in the daughter's contacts because the daughter couldn't. NIGHTMARE. Enough said. Not me. So, as I was trying to explain the technique of pinching the eye to get the contact out, Sister Sledge was left in tears, not able to get the thing out of her eye...and quite certain that if she pinched her eyeball it would certainly rupture. It was at that time I was praying the serenity prayer. Finally, after an hour, she got it out. Tomorrow morning will be a different day and a new challenge....for us both. Pray for us both. Who knew contacts (which Sledge insisted upon, BTW) could be our family's downfall.
Here's hoping that you have a great weekend. Stay warm-put a pot of soup on (recipes on my food blog, Plates and Places) and look around your house of what you can use to feather your nest.

Be sure to tune in next week so I can show you my thrifty treasures. Be well!


justabeachkat said...

This was a fun post! Can't wait to see your shutter headboard project.


jennifer said...

This gives me the decorating bug! Have a great weekend.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Wonderful post, Leigh!

I love those windows over the bed, in one of the photos. I think that's what I "need" for beside the little dining table, here at the condo. Such a long expanse of wall, between the kitchen area and the sofa, with nothing between. I'm working on a couple ideas and I believe a those windows my be just the ticket!

Mari said...

I would love to shop with you. Not only do you find great things, but you have wonderful ideas on how to use them. I'm always thinking - "I like that, but what would I do with it?" I'll pray for patience for you in the contact situation. My 2 daughters got the hang of contacts so easily, my son? He was another story and actually gave up. He just couldn't get those things in his eyes!

Melanie said...

Which thrift stores do you go to? The one in Alabaster?
I love the headboard idea. I've seen people use them for frames too. Put pics in a couple of them and fabric in others.

♥georgie♥ said...

You are so good at finding the coolest things...I really am envious!

Katie @ said...

So many inspiring thoughts and pictures. It all is beautiful... and super inspiring. I can't wait to see what you do with the ice cooler you got.

Terri said...

I need to go with you next week. Call me! I need a few things and need to see a 'pro' in action!


Susan in the Psych Ward said...

I remember having a TERRIBLE time getting my contacts out when I was 14.... Lizzie, she had NO PROBLEM at 9... go figure!

I'll pray for that patience because even though the contacts aren't a prob... other things are!

kathy said...

Girl, one of these days, I'm going to look you up and take you shopping with me. I don't have much luck at the thrift stores around here. However, last week, we were at the big one and my daughter found a jadeite D-handle coffee mug!! SCORE! I thought I'd scream right there. LOL (if someone had told me years ago that finding a piece of old dinnerware at a thrift store would make me ecstatic, I'd have laughed.)

Valarie Lea said...

1. I need to go to the thrift store.

2. Syd's eye doctor gave a 30 min video and training session. They almost wont let you leave unless you can put them in yourself. I hope she gets it. :)

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Hey girlfriend....stop by my place, I've got something for you!

nancygrayce said...

Have mercy! I wanted to wear contacts so badly! It took 45 minutes to get one in and then that half of my face looked much older than the other husband tried helping me, but got really frustrated that I couldn't do it, so he gave up....and finally so did I!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. I'm so happy that you did, because I was now able to find you! I love thrifty so much fun. Can't wait to see what you got. I just went out yesterday into Manhattan at the Antique's Garage, but sadly I didn't find any treasures.

You posted some great suggestions!

Shannon said...

Fun post! I love coming here to see great pics!