Monday, November 3, 2008

We Have Winners in the First Annual Bloggeritaville Halloween Contest

I have to say, I really enjoyed the Bloggeritaville Costume Contest! Looking at those fantastic costumes was great! Everyone looked fabulous....but we can only have one winner in each category. I wish everyone could win because you all deserve to!
But the votes were counted by automated polls and they are in. Over 350 people voted collectively and were able to cast only one vote per catagory.

The winners of the First Annual Bloggeritaville Costume Contest is as follows:

Children's Costume-222 People voted in this catagory. With over 70% of the vote, the winner is the Bride of Frankenstein courtesy of Scrappin Hillybilly. But everyone knows, you really cannot mess with a "hillbilly". I know from experience. I too am from a long line of cultured hillbilly's Is that an oxymoron? Anyway, let it be known that prior to this contest I had no knowledge of the Scrappin Hillbilly. We are not related. Or not that I am aware....

Adult Costume-142 people voted in this catagory. It was a neck in neck contest between Gretel/Slim Jim (37%) and The Flintstones, but the Flintstones (the modern stone age family) slugged it out for the win at 43%.

Congratulations to Valarie Lea from Tennessee, now from Alabama, who had a team of folks working in costume for the vote.
Valarie Lea and crew went all out...even recreating the Flintstones house!

Pet Costume-Valarie Lea's Dog from Tennessee, now from Alabama

And what do you win?

Children's Winner-a certificate to pick out a flipside hat from the web site Cat in an Apron. You can chose out your own size and fabric from that which featured on the website. Cat in the Apron is the place to find the most original and very best accoutrement's for your life with baby.
Everything is limited edition and completely original!!
Cat in an Apron is pleased to offer beautifully tailored clothing, gifts and accessories for “life with baby.” Gorgeous textiles, surprising details and original designs are features Cat in an Apron are proud to display in each and every one of their products.
I will forward the winners info onto Marne Maykowskyj Nordean of Cat in an Apron. She will provide you with the info of how to go about claiming your flipside hat. Wear it in style!

Adult Costume-$25.00 Gift Certificate to Sonic. Perhaps you can all have a celebration party on Bloggeritaville. In the words of ACDC, "Have a drink on me" er... Leigh and make it a cherry limeaide! Or really, whatever you want. Congratulations! Valarie, be sure to email me with your home mailing address so I can get out your GC and puppy pack.

Pet Costume- A pet package that any pet would love to get! It's the least I can do for what that little guy endured. I loved his costume!

Congratulations to everyone on a job well done. All the entries is what made this contest so much fun! I am so appreciative of all of you.... the entries and those that voted. Next year, I plan to make it even bigger and better! So start planning your costumes now!

Sincere thanks to all-you are all winners in my book!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winners; very nicely done! Love the hillbilly photography.

Everyone looks mah velous!

Valarie said...

Yea!!!!!! Woo Hoo Sonic!!!! Strawberry limeaide here I come :)

"J" said...

Dang it! I knew once I left the computer I was going to lose! That is why I need internet at home! That dang cable company! I'm really mad at them now!!! lol

Just kidding!

I had a blast!!! I even went over to tell the winners congrats! They did one heck of a GREAT job!!!!!

Thanks for hosting this! It was a blast!!!


Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

:D OMGosh did you see the polka dot flipside hat?! ty ty ty for hosting this :D All the costumes were so funny/cute/amazing...and yeah as far as I know we aren't related, but once you get south of the mason dixon anything is possible :D
Tink is going to LOVE that hat (she is getting it for Christmas)! Congrats to the other winners and hats off to ALL the entrants!

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

"J," I think you should call the cable company and let them know they owe you a Strawberry Limeaid :D

jennifer said...

Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy your goodies.

Again, great contest Leigh.

Kirby3131 said...

Sorry J, I votes for the Flinstones before I realized that you were in the running...but I couldn't help it, I just loved the group participation!

It was a fun contest, Thanks Leigh!