Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten Going on Twenty

Somewhere it happened.
My daughter, who is ten, on the cusp of becoming 11, walked away from being a child and became a "preteen".
(Long) Gone forever are the days of baby dolls and barbies.
No more "cutsie" dresses.
Bows are by her choice.
In are I-pods. CD's. Computer games.
There isn't a single "toy" on her Christmas List (any ideas/suggestions of gifts are much appreciated)
Oh, and did I mention boys?
Sure, she has "talked" about boys for the past two years. Only talk. Or perhaps said she claimed to have had a boyfriend. But it only lasted a day. Certainly no longer than that.
Nothing to be alarmed about.
But now....
There is "a boy". A boy who has been "boyfriend" for over two weeks.
A lifetime in the eyes of a fifth grader.
He comes to our house everyday to play. And when they aren't playing, they are calling one another on the phone. Somewhere near 37 times a day.
Ok, perhaps I exaggerate a bit. But it's certainly more than I talk to Big Daddy.
Perhaps all week combined.
And tonight....I met his dad. A big moment in their short lives.
While I am not yet planning a wedding (LOL!) it is all new to us with a girl.
We approve of the little boy.
He seems like a very nice and respectful boy. Nice manners. I like that. A reflection of the parents. That's what I preach to my kids anyhow. When I threaten.
And nice to my daughter and seems plum near crazy about her. Even when we aren't.
Although it isn't to often.
Remember those days?
Young love.
First puppy love.
So cute and innocent.


The Happy Mom said...

I could have written this post myself- I have a 10 yr. old fifth grader and everything you wrote in your post rings true for me-from no toys on the Christmas list to a "boyfriend". This is the first year in the last 5 that American Girl items are missing from her Christmas list. Ten years sure go by fast, don't they?

Leigh said...

Happy Mom,
Somewhere along the way, life happens. Even thought we secretly wish we could presevr that childhood a bit longer.
SO....what is your daughter asking for for Christmas? I need ideas!

SitDownKaren said...

It happens in a blink. All of a sudden no more hugs and kisses in front of the friends. It's that's cool (insert parents name instead of mom and dad).

butterflygirl said...

How quick they grow up...mine is only 7, but I feel the time is flying by!

Jenny G said...

Oh my gosh Leigh, you brought tears to my eyes, I'm going to cuddle my baby right now and savor every minute!!!

As for gift ideas, I have a 9 year old neice, she's getting a new cell phone for Christmas. It's nicer than mine!

"J" said...

I soooooooooooooooo remember those days! My 5th grade crush/boyfriend for the FULL 5th grade was Lewy! He was in the 6th grade! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how I loved me some Lewy!!!! lol

Wow, I soooooooooooo remember those days! Mr. "S" came along in the 6th grade! We only dated (do you even call it that back then) for a few weeks!!! We road the school bus together! We broke up...he went out with one of my friends (heck I didn't care) I started dating his step-brother!!! =) HA!!!!!!

The ride home on the school bus was the best!

Tammy said...

Young "love". I just had to have a serious discussion with my 7 year old who had two different "boyfriends" over a two week period. I'm not sure she got my point.

We've decided to lock her in her room for the next 20 years! ;-)

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

Awwwwwww... we have an arranged marriage already set up for Lizzie... love the boy, love the parents and the kids are ga-ga over each other... we know it won't last though.... but I can dream, right????