Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Plates and Places-Add to your Blogroll!

Sorry if I have been unresponsive of late. Besides playing "super mom" (and failing miserably) and being sick, I have busy at work. So, guess what I have been up to. Ok, I will just tell you....yet another blog. A sister blog to Bloggeritaville....and all it's other sister blogs. Seriously, I have alot to say.
I have been moving all of my recipe post and it's comments from all of you from Bloggeritaville over to my new sister blog. The latest blog is all about recipes and the stories that go along with them. It is much more user friendly for people that would be searching for a particular recipe. Here on Bloggeritaville my recipes were lumped into one catagory, over at the new blog they are catagorized as they would be in any cookbook so that it is easy to find. So, if you are say, looking for the recipe for gumbo you would search under soups and salads...or type in gumbo into the search box at the top of the page.
The most important information:
The name of my new sister blog is called "Plates and Places". It was a quote that my grandfather used often to encourage guest to stay, visit and dine with him. My grandparents had very little, but there was always enough food to go around. For me, the expression not only relates to what my grandfather intended it's use, it also is fitting for my love to travel and the recipes I collect from those travels.
So join me, over at my other blog " Plates and Places."
And be sure to add it to your blogroll/follower list!!

In the meantime, I will still be here in Bloggeritaville everyday, rattling off whatever comes to mind. I haven't been kicked off the island yet!
(FYI-thats not be picture....)


Anonymous said...

I just read your list of dislikes on Greek Grits-
I have no words....What do you eat?
No sugar? That is just not right!

Leigh said...

Drama- Oh, no....I do eat sugar sadly. But I am not big on desserts I like them, but I'd rather have a block of cheese and bread over a slice of chocolate cake.....

Leigh said...

but I do cook all that stuff. I have to or would be divorced...LOL
and I love to cook. My family are my testers.

Kirby3131 said...

Bravo to you! I will be visiting your sister site, you know I will. Hope you are feeling better.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

You don't have enough going on?? Now which do I follow?

Leigh said...

Thanks Kirby, I appreciate your support. I can always count on you.

Sandi-you can follow me here....and there if you'd like. Either. Here I will still be doing what I always do, minus the recipes, there I will limit my post to just recipes. When posting here the recipes would get lost in the shuffle, so I thought it better to specify a place just for them where they are easy to find.

"J" said...

Tooooooooooooo cool!!! Im so there!!!! =)