Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mohawk and Suggestions

As a parent, it is a rite of passage to embarrass or irritate your children every now and then. It's one of those circle of life things. Your parents did it to you, you do it to your kids, one day they will do it to theirs. As I was shaving Big Daddy's head this weekend (it saves $$!) he had the brilliant idea to have me give him a mohawk. It was Saturday and we had a whole day and a half to ride out our plan before he would have to shave off the swath of hair that was left down the center of his head. The plan was simple to embarrass our kids and make them sweat a little.
We giggled giddily as the hair piled to the floor. It was fabulous! A sincere get a rise from the children.
And did we ever. Like perfect timing, as I clipped off the last patch of hair, daughter Sledge came bounding into the bathroom to ask a question....."Momma? Momma? Can we go to MacDonald's today for lun----" Sledge stopped in her sentence, "Whu? Whu?What is that?"
"It's Daddy's new haircut!" I answered.
"Ut-un! No WAAAAY! Momma! Cut it off, cut it!"
Big Daddy laughed, "What's wrong with it? I think it looks cool!"
"You can't keep it like that, Daddy!"insisted Sledge.
"Hey, did you want to go to McDonald's?" Big Daddy asked.
Sledge quickly changed her mind. She no longer wanted to go IN McDonald's, she wanted to go through the drive through. Big Daddy insisted that they go into McDonald's for lunch.
After a debate, Sledge headed downstairs to get more opinions and to spread the word on her conservative daddy's new haircut to her even more conservative brothers.
The three of them rushed back upstairs to see if Sledge was being overly dramatic. Their mouths hit the floor when they saw Big Daddy's newly shaved mohawked head.
After a great discussion a hat was out onto the head and out the door they went. It played out quite funny through Sunday, until I cut off the remaining hair for the military cut that Big Daddy likes. "It's easy to maintain, cuts down on shampoo and I don't have to brush my hair..."
It was a funny weekend, to watch the three children squirm.
This weekend, I took yet some more portraits. Tis the season!
You can view some preview pics of those portraits at Photographic Memories Blog.
I also added some new pictures in my smugmug photo gallery.
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Finally, be sure to check out my Recipe Blog, Plates & Places for some great new recipes. Up now is lemon bars. I have some really good recipes to post this week, as we near the holiday's. I think they will be ones you might want to try when preparing your meals.
Have a blessed week!


Kirby3131 said...

What a hoot!! You and your family sound like so much fun.

Keetha said...

Oh how funny!!!!!

Actually, it is quite attractive for a mohawk!!!!

Mari said...

I love this! I wish I had thought of it when our kids were young.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Yes, my dear girl...this is why I love you so!! You torment your kids, just like me! Hee Hee!

Too bad you didn't have some pink hair dye too!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I just finished snapfish photobooks for christmas gifts. I did them Free with the Oprah special last week. The first book was free~ after all that work I ordered more.

Bama Belle said...

Love the mohawk story! Reminds me of when my Hubby shaved his head, I mean bald! Anyway, glad ya'll had a good one. Hope all is well!

SitDownKaren said...

HAHAHAHA! Hey, that's payback for all that they do to you guys! I will share this stiry for sure!!

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

hahahaha I so wish that my hubby would let me do this to his hair...our kidlets are 13 1/2, 10 (the 2 boys), and our 4 yr old dd (who would LOVE it)...Thanks for the laugh today! I have missed reading your blog but have been super busy with getting ready for the holidays (yes already sigh) :D smiles!

Trina said...


Valarie Lea said...

You are parents after my own heart! Anything that embarrasses my kids, I am all for. :)

nancygrayce said...

It is a great mohawk! He should have kept it awhile. My dear husband has had the same hair cut since he was a teen!

Tammy said...

Bah ha ha ha. They will talk about this forever.

"J" said...

OMG....yall crack me up!!!!! I bet the kids were going nuts!!!!! I love it!!!!!!

Yall are such a WONDERFUL family!!!!!!! =)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Hilarious! I love that you let them squirm for a couple of days!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

You know the man has to be crazy to stay married to you....
How funny!!!!

Sassy (The Sassy Southerner) said...

Now that sounds like something I would do to my own children. You are right though, embarrassment is a right of passage. I love torturing my own girls. Thanks for the laugh.

jennifer said...

A mowhawk can't hurt the looks of a man that handsome! LOVE that you guys punked your kids!

My husband's goatee (sp?) that I think is SO SEXY started similar to Big Daddy's mowhawk. Just one of those 'on a lark' type things!