Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween in my Hood

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend. I am sure that yours was a busy as mine. That is usually the case with a houseful of kids.
On Halloween we had a houseful. My MIL (mother in law) and BIL ("the Artist") along with his lovely wife, Mida and their two boys joined my crew for pizza supper before the Tricks and treats began. Sledge had her class and cheer mate join us in the festivities as well. Here is a picture of our gang of candy seeking woolly bullies:

Sledge's friend went as a football player and my two nephews were both firefighters. Sledge was a "gothic girl" and of course J Smooth was a knight. Which is what he aims to be most any day. It's a knight or a pirate...and has been the case since he was the age of two.
Big Daddy and the Artist were kind enough to take all of the children trick or treating while the womenfolk ate M&M's and Reece's cups handed out treats to costumed children. For two hours I think it would be safe to assume that Big Daddy cheated his diet and snatched a piece of candy or two...or ten from many a child's bucket. After two hours of walking the streets, begging for candy they all arrived home and began to crash like green flies to cow patties. But it was so soon to throw in the towel, the night was young...and my dear MIL had booked a hotel for a "staycation" for the weekend to celebrate J.Smooth's birthday....more on that to come.


Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

sounds like all y'all had a blast eating uh...handing out candy and trick or treating! :D LOVE the costumes :) Halloween pics always bring that giddy little kid feeling out in me again, remembering the excitement of running down darkened streets and actually being encouraged to take candy from strangers (trust me some of our neighbors were WAY strange...but in a good way!) :)...I LOVE LOVE LOVE you analogy about the green flies, I might have to steal that...:D Now we just have to make it through til Thanksgiving!!! :D

Tammy said...

I love the trick or treat fun... the candy and the little kids in their costumes.