Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tennessee BackRoads Part 1

Friday night, I grabbed my walking shoes and a pair of clean underwear and headed with my mother to my cousins house in Glencoe, Alabama to spend the night. We got wind that cousin/navigator Johnny's "bus" tour was scheduled for an early Saturday morning departure and I didn't dare want to miss out. The thing is, with my cousin at the wheel one never knows where you may end up going, or even when you might arrive back home...but there is always guaranteed adventure. Right up my alley! Besides that....there was talk that a definite stop along the route was the Crow Mountain Apple Orchard, and I needed to stock up on my Apple cider. It freezes well....and it also sells out because of demand. Big Daddy was very understanding when I explained the necessity of the trip. He completely understood-even offering to watch the kids. Apple cider from Crown Mtn (as attested to in a recent post) ranks high in our household.
We were off bright at very early Saturday morning to pick up two more passengers, Jack and Mary from Sand Mtn. They both went to high school with my mother's brothers as well as my cousin Johnny. As I understand correctly, Johnny, Jack and my uncles were quite a "gang" of small town boys back in their hey-day. It was what would be recalled much of the trip, to my delight.
So, for those who might be playing along and keeping score, on this trip was Mary, Cousin Granny, Me and my Mom and of course Jack and Johnny-who were not photographed among the flowers. Go figure...

Let me just say, this was a motley crue, despite the seniority of the ages in the group (myself, not included, I beg your pardon). This crowd is just as rowdy or perhaps more so than my beloved group of girlfriends that I equally enjoy traveling with. I will attest that this trip required the packing of an extra set of underwear....because the laughter is frequent and of the nature from deep in the belly. You must know that if one gos on a trip with seniors, some of which are hard of hearing, some of which like to discuss bodily functions and regular routines....there will be much to laugh at. And so it was.
I was told shortly after departure, that this trip would not only stop at the orchard, but also several Hammer's stores-and who knows where else. It was a "Hammer's "world" tour of sorts. The thing is at a Hammer's store, each one can be different. You never know what they might have in stock. First stop of the day was in Guntersville. After riding riverside, taking in the sights, we stopped at the Hammer's Store there. I made a haul of some Christmas gifts. $1.25 for Abercrombie T-shirts! I bought 5 of them (my kids love them). I also found some American Eagle hoodies for $24.00. Score. Finally a set of 300 count designer sheets with scalloped lace edging for Sledge's room-$16.00 (retail $78.00). I was happy.
From there we headed north towards the Crow Mountain. Crow Mountain is not only where the orchard is located, but it is also where my cousin Glenda (aka Granny) is from. We spent some time retracing her family roots. I found it to be quite fascinating. I will go into more detail on that tomorrow.
From there we paid a visit to....the orchard.

First shots.

Of straight Apple juice. And I mean straight from the apple.

I believe that I failed to mention in my last post that this juice is 100% sugar free (naturally sweetened) and preservative free.
Oh! Honey!
And then we proceeded to buy apples and apple juice to fill our car halfway to the ceiling.

With apples this fresh and tasty, it was a necessity.
Join me.....there is more to come on my roadtrip on the backroads of Tennessee. You will not want to miss it!


Keetha said...

The apples and scenery look gorgeous, as do you girls!!!

Hey - - - tell your mom I have and wear the EXACT same pink hooded jacket that she has on in the first picture.

Well - - - not the EXACT one, I have mine, she has hers.

Nicolle said...

That looks like so much fun. What a great weekend! The pictures are gorgeous and I love the apples!

Valarie said...

I bet you went to Winchester if you went on the Hammers world tour! That is where my family is from and we normally go there. :)

"J" said...

I love all your road trips!!!! You have such a FUN family!!! =) I can't wait to hear more!!!!!

Jenny G said...

Ok, how far north of Bham is this place? I am drooling just thinking about this apple cider! Can you pick apples there also? I have been looking for a place to take my little girl to pick apples since she was born! Being from the north, it was a staple for me, but I was told there wasn't anywhere like that around here!

Leigh said...

Keetha- Thank you , honey! I love that jacket! Great minds think alike.

Nicole- It was alot of fun. That group is always wild.

Valarie- You know it! That was the second Hammer's we visited. I didnt know that was your hometown! How about that! That is some beautiful country, girl!

J- There is much to tell. Thanks for allowing me to share...and to "listen".

Jenny G- To get to the orchard from "The Ham" follow these directions:

From Scottsboro: Route 72 to Route 33 at Hollywood. Turn left on 33. Go 13.5 miles to Route 39 and turn right. Crow Mountain Orchard is 3.5 miles on the left just off of 39. Or take the Tupelo Pike out of Scottsboro, (go straight on Route 470 when Route 21 curves left) to Route 33, turn left on Route 33, go 7.5 miles to Route 39 and turn right.

From Huntsville: Route 72 to Route 79. Turn left on 79. Go through Skyline to Route 33 and turn right. Go 4 miles to Route 39 and turn left. Crow Mountain Orchard is 3.5 miles on the left just off of 39.

From Birmingham: Route 79 north to Route 33 north of Skyline. Turn right on 33 and go 4 miles to Route 39. Turn left on Route 39. Crow Mountain Orchard is 3.5 miles on the left just off of 39.

From Winchester, Tennessee: Tennessee Route 16 south to Alabama. 16 turns into Alabama Route 79. Turn left on Route 33 and go 4 miles to Route 39. Turn left on 39. Crow Mountain Orchard is 3.5 miles on the left just off of 39.

From Chattanooga, Tennessee: Route 24 to Route 72. Turn onto 72 at the exit for "South Pittsburgh". Go south (to Route 33 at Hollywood. Turn right on 33. Go 13.5 miles to Route 39 and turn right. Crow Mountain Orchard is 3.5 miles on the left just off of 39.

Word to the Wise: Unless your vehicle is hinged in the middle, and you enjoy steep, narrow, hairpin curves, you don't want to come up to Crow Mountain on Route 39 out of Fackler.

Addionally, anyone in the USA can use this web link for you pick orchards in their state:

Here is the Alabama link:

There you will find what is available, directions, times, and more useful information.

Jenny G said...

Thanks Leigh!!!