Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Myer's Plants and Gifts

It's fall! And the scenes at one of my favorite nurseries is certainly evident of the season.....

Myer's is a great family owned nursery. They are VERY knowledgeable on all horticultural species.

Myer's always had a fabulous selection of plants, vegetables and flowers. They also have an expansive selection of pottery and garden sculptures, water plants and even have a selection of some aquatic life for ponds. Myers also has garden accessories, soil, containers, statues and they have a great selection of trees's. My children love to go and look at the big tanks of fish and frogs.
I like to look at the wonderful displays of what they have on hand....

Of course fall is in full color at Myer's!

Just walking around the nursery, one is certain to get some fabulous ideas on plantings and displays.

Isn't this collection of real and ceramic pumpkins cute?

What is fall without a scarecrow? These obviously follow the SEC.

Sunflowers are perfect for feeding those migrating birds.
Not to mention they look like sunshine in a garden!

More Autumn Displays:

These lettuce bowls are perfect, at $14.99! Just break off the leaves of lettuce and the lettuce will grow back. Perfect for a fresh salad. And lettuce is perfect to grow in the fall. These had my name all on them.

Myer's is big. This shot is only a forth of the size of the nursery.

If you have the opportunity, drive by Myers and enjoy the display. Stop if you can and find some of the best plantings and products to incorporate into your fall display.

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Myers Plants & Pottery(205) 663-6597
2935 Pelham Pky, Pelham, AL 35124
Map it Get directions
Cross Streets: Between Canyon Park Dr and Village Dr


Keetha said...

I always love the colors.

pat@backporchmusings said...

What a great place!

Bama Belle said...

I adore Myers! It is one of my favorite places. I have already filled my yard with mums! I like Hanna's a lot as well.

Fall is my favorite time of year and I love to see all of the ways people celebrate. Your post about the orchard was fantastic! What fun.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I just LOVE fall!!!

"J" said...

Great pictures Leigh!!!! Looks like a FUN place to check out!!!! I love all the orange and yellow colors!!!!!

Nicolle said...

Hi Leigh, I'm the one that emailed you earlier. Must have been a glitch with my computer, I can leave you comments now. Good to find you on here and so fun to meet another Buffett fan. I love your fall pictures on this post.

I'll be stopping by often to read your page!


Susan in the Psych Ward said...

This is one of the places my mom (the one who said I was fat) frequents... love the pictures!

Leigh said...

Thanks Keetha and Pat!

Bama Belle-Where is Hanna's? I wonder if I have been to that one? Thank you for you sweet words. Have a great trip. Think of me as you sit beachside.

Me too Mrs Schmitty~

J-Thanks, girl!

Nicole, I am glad that you got through. Thank you for commenting and for dropping by Bloggeritaville! I love new friends, almost as much as my old ones! You are welcome anytime!

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

Take that foot out of your mouth... I couldn't say it was my mom on my blog.. she could read it and I don't know about it... so, it explains a lot about Terri and I, huh???

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Your blog banner is gorgeous!

M ^..^

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Beautiful! Thanks for coming by and saying hi. ARe you a part of secret santa? cherry

Mamahut said...

Hey am I on the right island? I really like your island Leigh. I too am a huge fan of fall. Here in Colorado fall is about over! So sad. It's 36 degrees out right now and it's only 11 pm. brrr. Have a great day.

Tulsi said...

These displays are beautiful. They give me ideas. I have a porch that I love and some of these would look great. I looked at your photography site and love your pictures. I also do photography but don't have a blog for them.

Rebekah said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been browsing here for a few minutes- You've got some awesome photots.

I started out self-conscience about my figure very early. I was on a swim team and I was much more endowed than the other girls my age- and, uhm, there aint much you can hide in a bathing suit.

I dont understand the attraction- I guess it's just a guy thing lol

Valarie said...

I think I could get lost in that place :)