Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mall Rats & Badges- Here's Yours

I ventured to the mall yesterday. Have I mentioned how I have come to loathe that place? It chaps my hide that the people in the kiosk shout at you, beg for you to "come over here, let me ask you a question" futile attempts to make a sale. To me it is a form of harassment. If I wanted your product, I will approach you. Today I had one guy who would not leave my daughter and I alone. I actually called the mall and complained.

There was however, a reason for my trip to the bombardment. Sledge's school closed due to sewage backup. Gross. I am now contemplating moving. All that is in my head are the disgusting little germs and bacteria that ran through the hallways and into rooms. 60% of the school was affected. And I am a germaphob. Has anyone seen the Seinfeld episode in which Jerrys girlfriend toilet explodes on her and then he cannot date her any longer. I can relate. I may have to have a long distance parental relationship after Sledge is permitted to go back to school. Oh, I kid. But I will meet her at the bus stop with a disinfectant kit.

The sewage fest was however, good news for Sledge. It has given her a week off of school (which I have told her she will have to make up. She is hoping they will forget). We were due a girls day. I took Sledge to the mall. Sledge had not had her hair highlighted since her birthday last year. She had been asking, so I thought, Why not? She had it cut and highlighted. We ate lunch. We bought her a couple new outfits. And my mother had given her some cash that was burning a hole in Sledge's pocket. She picked out a new webkin. We had a wonderful day.
On the way out of the mall I ran into the precious Jenny Hope and her daughter Morgan.

I knew one day that eventually Jenny Hope's path would cross with mine. Jenny Hope was one of the first blogs that I came across in my introduction to Blogging over a year ago. Jenny is one of these people who lives are a true testament of faith. She is a survivor. She has faced obstacles and hurdled them, without failure to give glory to God. She is amazing. She had her precious little girl, Morgan in tow. It was great to meet her. She is often a topic of Jenny's in her tales of Morgan's gift of gab. To sweet. Please lift Jenny up, as she is in need of prayer. I know though, that the Lord will continue to use her for His good.

My dear friend Terri of Bama Bargains bestowed upon me this sweet award below. Susan said of Terri best, "What can I say about Terri? She's a giver. She's always thinking of other people." It's true. She and my friend Zinnia are two amazing women who are true givers and constantly putting others before themselves. They are great examples of unselfishness.

To be accepting, I was asked to follow some guidelines to answer some questions and then to pass the award along. So now I must follow the rules and list six things that make me happy and pass it on to six other bloggers.
Here goes!
What makes me happy:

1. My family.
2. God and His works of nature.
3. The beach, but I suppose this could account for #2.....if that is the case I will say spanx. There's nothing like good underwear, especially if it sucks and tucks. Can I get a amen?
4. good music. It can completely change my sunshine on a cloudy day.
5. Being with my circle of friends. They always afford me a laugh.
6. A roadtrip...especially one in which there is a pit stop at some really cool dive that serves up a great meal

and a bonus.....especially in light of yesterday's downward spiral- knowing that our investments are stable-and even growing. Yesterday was a hard hit on many. May we all come together as a country and pray.

Passing this award onward to:

1. Jen of Dust Bunny Hostage. If there was anyone who is kreative, it is Jen. From her post to her crops ...amazing.
2. Back Porch Musings. She is an seasoned photographer and her decor makes you want to put a for sale sign in your yard. Kreative, yes.
3. Drama Mama-another kreative protype. Have you seen her ZEMKOOFIES?
4. A Beach Cottage. This chick wants me want to chunk everything in my house in the trash and then look through someone else's to accessorize. She does it. Have you seen her beach house? Gasp.
5. Life and Times of a Carolina Parrothead-This is one person who has a gift for the writing. I am waiting for the book to be published.
6. Kari and Kijsa- Their entire blog is composed of all things creative. Go there to get some inspiration.

That crazy girl Susan of Psych Ward was kind enough to bestow me with this Brilliant Weblog Premio 2008 award. I am so appreciatve and honored that you would think of me.

On this one I was asked to elect seven folks that I felt deserving. These came to me easily:

1. Rhoda's Southern Hospitality- Everyday she brings her southern charm to us by way of decorating advice or a good recipe.
2. Musings From Left Field-J is an inspiration. A full time employee, a devoted blogger, planning a wedding, and literally refurbishing and restoring a lake house herself (with the assistance of good friends and family). Though she makes me break a sweat tuning into her blog, she inspires.
3. A Schmitty Life- She brings wit and satire to the everyday grind. Like good coffee, it's addictive.
4.Bless Our Nest-Anther who will give decorating inspiration and make you jealous that you don't live in the state of Arkansas-where there is an Oops.
5. Da Troll- I admire him for speaking his mind on even the topics that some of us avoid for opening a can of beans. Example-politics. Troll is one I must tune into...and he is a pro at Troll Polls.
6. No Sleep in Helena- I tune in daily to see what is going on in my corner of the world. "Hewy's" blog is brilliant in the fact that all the news is there...and often times a fun contest. He is friends with an inner circle of gnomes. Not many can claim that.
7. My Good Cents- Looking for bargains? Freebies? Samples? Good Cents can direct you to where to find the steals on deals every day. In today's world of a crashing economy, how can one not visit her blog?

Last award of the day. Jeannie of Musings gave out some time back and I am just posting. Sorry.

This is an award of love. And I love to visit these blogs. They are always enjoyable and entertaining:

5. my good bud, Charnita Expressions (heart her)
6. I Wright. ...great spirit!
7. Greek Grits....another Bama girl. Whats not to love?

OK all recipients, be sure to spread the love and let them know where you got your badge of honor....your leg lamp accolade.

Finally, some things that are on my mind....
continue to send in your costume contest entries through November 1. We will vote by poll shortly after.
Speaking of polls, there is a Presidential Poll on my sidebar. Cast your vote on who you will be voting for in the November election. Votes are all anonymous. You can only vote once. Make it count.
It gets on my nerves!....... Don't be offended if you have it....comments that require word verification. I love to read everyones blog. And I also love to comment so you will know that I came by. Though I do not all the time because I hate the word verification. It waste time. I have never had a robot come to my blog and I have had my blog over a year. It's just MHO, you dont have to listen. I just want you to know I did swing by. I just hate that word verification. Hate it. That's my 2 cents for what it is worth. No one be offended.
Have a great day! Smile, you never know who can use/need it.


Tammy said...

Ack.... did you say sewage at your child's school???? I'm headed to Sam's to send you a CRATE of hand sanitizer.....or body sanitizer, whatever!

And I TOTALLY hate those sales-people in the mall. We've got 'em here in T'town too!

"J" said...

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo very much for my bling!!! I will blog about it tomorrow!!! =)

I voted! HA! =)

I'm with you on the FREAKY mall guys!!!!! They need to tone it down just a bit!!!!!!

"J" said...


Shannon said...

Awwwwww! Thank you so much!!! You are so sweet! I'm going to go look at the other linky love! Thanks!

jennyhope said...

Seriously you are so beautiful and so is your precious daughter. You are such an encourager. You always crack me up. Girl I have reported those kiosks so many times it is not funny!! EVERY TIME me and Morgan go I am like NO NO NO!!! I have a flat iron! I can curl my hair. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! seriously.
I have been asked at least 200 times from working there...
maam let me show you something amazing is the exact wording. I am like let me tell you something amazing JESUS!!!!

The Troll said...

Thanks much for the badge! I'll have to figure out to show those things.

Agree totally on word verification. Not just on blogs but ANYWHERE where it's totally unnecessary.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Thank you Leigh! You are so gracious. I'll display the award on my sidebar and make a note to pass it along, within the next few posts.

Now, I think I'll go vote.

Hope your weekend is wonderful.

Leigh said...

Tammy- I will need it. Can you imagne?
J it is downright disgusting! And the mall people make me not want to shop there. I figure that the mall will have to have them leave or at least provide another way of sales to keep its customers. It is already struggling.
Shan-you are deserving.
Jenny Hope- It was great to see you. You and your little girl are both dolls. So precious. And I am glad that you are complainging too. I hear ya!
Troll-just right mouse click and save to the folder of your choice on your computer, then uplaod as you would any of your pictures. Glad I am not the only one on the word verfi.
Pat- You bet! THx for voting.

Kimberly said...

AHH! Thanks :) I'll post this to my blog soon!

Love the new look by the way! I read your blog in google reader so it may have been like this for awhile but this is my first time seeing it

Valarie said...

Sewage? - Ewwwww :(

Thank you for the award! That is so sweet of you! Iam so far behind on giving mine out. I really need to do that. :)

Jenny G said...

I hate going to the mall!!!! It is my ultimate goal to never have to leave the Alabaster/Helena area to do any of my shopping!

And even if it was because of sewage (disgusting, I would bathe my girl in hand sanitizer, I'm with ya there!), you gotta love a girls day, I had one today with my little girl and there is nothing better!!!

Zinnia said...

I can somewhat deal with the floor and walls but don't want to think about the classrooms and library. I hope they change the carpets!!!

The kids had a blast with their friends, I had 4 kids at the house most of the time and 7 at one time. You should have let your daughter come over and hang out too. They all behaved very well, but I'm sure Freddy's happy he was at work while all the kids were here :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Leigh, thank you SO much for the award! I got this one already, but I'll add your name as one who gave it to me. thanks a bunch, hope to see you Sat.!

Leigh said...

Thanks Kimberly, It's new. I like to change things up...what can I say? I am a woman.

Valarie- I was a bit behind too on one of them. Its ok.Yes sewage. Gross. I am considering homeschooling >LOL

Jenny G- Ia m with you on that. I like that place and Patton Creek-though PC has some serious parking issues.

Zinnia- I heard that books and papers were contaiminated too. Yes, I am certina that carpet will be removed. It has to be. And I would be with Freddy. I cant tolerate alot. You are a better woman than me. I would've been certifiable by days end.

You bet, Rhoda.

Keetha said...

Oh THIS is what you mean by blog bling!!!!! Hehehehehehe

Thank you very much!!!

And I love you too.

Beach Bum said...

It chaps my hide that the people in the kiosk shout at you, beg for you to "come over here, let me ask you a question" futile attempts to make a sale.

I've been to Mexico a few times as a tourist and one to Honduras for Uncle Sammy and I often have thought that the open air markets down there had a more civilized feel than the hyper-commerical malls in this country. Of course down there I didn't see many sour spoiled teenagers full of themselves.

Thanks for the award and I myself will have to figure out how to display it.

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

oooh thanks for the bling, I am currently about to put my 'awards' (hmmm that sounds too funny, like the oscars lol!) on my sidebard and do a little post about won't be til next week, my kiddos are off school til then and blogging is on the back burner a bit!!

oh and great tags to those other blogs, I just sat with my tea and read a couple


Anonymous said...

Oh girlfran- You are too kind!
I want you to know that my 20 year reunion is this weekend and I am going! I will be all sucked and tucked with my spanx on!
Oh I got my hair did just like the one of you with holdin the camera-except a little shorter on top-
I had a makeover today and got my nails did! Oh I have new clothes for this occasion too- I might have gone overboard with the $$$ but it made me feel better prepared for the occasion-
I feel bad since the country and my checkbook is headed for a depression, but I will only have a 20 year once- Right?
Okay- I feel better now- just had to tell somebody-

Bama Belle said...

Leigh Ty for the award I am going to add it now to my blog. Do I have word verification? hmm I will see I wouldn't think it was needed either. Toodles!

nancygrayce said...

Ah Thanks! I love your new design too! I wish I was smart enough to do that, but I just have to know what my limitations are ....there are many of them! Thanks again!!!

jennifer said...

Thank you so much!!! Kreative is such a wonderful compliment!!!! I love you for it.

Have a great week Leigh.