Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bloggeritaville Costume Contest Entries for Wednesday

I am just loving looking at all of the great costumes that have been submitted. I always the one to fight anyone off from answering the door on Halloween so I can see the great costumes. This is great. And boy! You people are talented! There have been some great entries.
Today is no different as you will see.......

Susan of Psych Ward makes a great Issac of the Love Boat. I am sure she can mix up a mean margarita!

Valarie Lea enters the contest as a lovely clown

And again as a terrific Ethel with her friend, Lucy.

Her children get into the act as an elderly couple

And Valarie's friends husband poses as an big and beautiful ballerina
Someone please email this to his coworkers. I am sure they'd have a field day with that one. I see blackmail in his future.

And thank Heaven's for Valarie! She entered her dog into the contest. Our first animal in costume. Is Valarie and I the only ones (sick) that find enjoyment in putting their pets in costume and seeing them look ticked off?

Lindsey's entry is her precious daughter, "MM" as a perfect Annie:

Scrappin Hillbilly -who is an ingeniously crafty woman. Here is what she says about her costumed kids, "One is of my son & the other is my son is going as "When good spiders go bad"
and my dd is the classic "Bride of Frankenstein" (and yep that is her real hair lol)
I threw in a close up of my dd's "classic scream queen" pose just for fun :) This has to be one of my most favorite costumes we have come up with yet! They wanted to be in a small town costume contest and I only had one night to make their costumes so it was a mad rush to find an old sheet (thank God for grandma-in-laws) and some tea to dye it with."
Amazing. I would've thought that these costumes were store bought they look so good.

J of Musings From Left Field is pictured here with her friend Slim Jim. J is a fine Gretel from Hansel & Gretel!!!!

Get your entries in, time is running out!

To recap the rules:

From now until November 1st, email me your best costume. You may enter each category as many entries as you want. It can be a costume of years past or you may want to wait until Halloween of this year to submit.Photos must be sent as Jpeg's and send small.
On November 2nd, all entries will be listed by category slideshow and a voting poll will be opened on the sidebar. Once the polls are opened, you may vote just once for each category. Don’t forget to ask your friends to vote for you, too!
The winner in each category will receive a Bloggeritaville Prize.
The categories are:
Best Child Costume
Best Adult Costume
Best Pet Costume

That’s it. Let me know if you have any questions!
Good luck!
FYI: Voting does not start until November 2nd.


jennifer said...

AWWSOME entries! Your costume contest really took off!

Valarie said...

Oh hey one thing, sorry I forgot to mention this, but thats not my Husband. :) Thats my friend Melinda's( a/k/a Lucy) Husband.

Ok going back to reading now. :)

Lindsey said...

Love this creative contest! Way to go Leigh!

jennifer said...

Hey Hair lady.. I need your opinion. Will you come by my blog?