Saturday, October 4, 2008

Barlett House, Quilt Walk

Welcome to the Marsh/Bartlet/Jones/Newsome House in our virtual "walking " tour of the Collinsville Quilt walk. This homes deed dates back to 11/8/1887. It was then that this amazing three story Victorian home was built. It was known back then as the Marsh Hotel until about 1918 when it was sold by the James B. Marsh to Daisy Bartlett.
A guest ledger containing names of hotel guest during 1910 and 1911 has been passed down from owner to owner with each sale of the house. One hundred twenty guest signed the book during May 1910. One each page is printed:"The Marsh Hotel, Collinsville, Alabama, Rates $2.00 per day, Free Sample Rooms, all money, jewels, coats, valises and other valuables must be left at the office and checks received for them. Otherwise the Proprietor will not be responsible for any loss. P. A. Keener, Mgr."
The Bartlet family and their large family of 12 children lived in the home for many years. During this time the Bartlett's operated Bartlett Funeral Home from the building on the property that sits west of the home by the railroad tracks. Bartlett was mayor of Collinsville from 1914 to 1920 and was Alabama State Representative from 1927-1931 and senator from 1931-1935. He died in 1954.

The Bartlett's also operated a boarding house for teachers and other community workers. In 1929 a fire gutted the home in a third story blaze. Fortunately the building itself was saved thanks to the skilled firefighters that worked the blaze. When the home was rebuilt, only a second structure was added. The damage totaled $8,000.00 and was practically covered by insurance.

Owners Fred and Maurine Lykes were the next to purchase the home, and then they sold it in 1993 to the Jones Family. In 2000 The Newsome Family purchased it. The Newsome's have done an outstanding job of restoring and reworking the home. They spent hours just restoring the homes woodwork.

The 19 room house contains 7 bedrooms, six are upstairs (with an upstairs kitchen and den). One bedroom being downstairs:

The grounds consists of one acre, allowing addition for a swimming pool and pool house.

(The above information was compiled by the Collinsville Public Library and the Collinsville Historical Society)

Walking through this home, one appreciates the grandiose of it....the high ceilings, the heart pine floors, the grand chandeliers with lovely ceiling medallions.

The Newsome's were wise in their decor, allowing the home to appear as it might once have, complete with the high mantle over the marble fireplace (in the keeping room to the right of entry).

The kitchen is also a lovely combination of historical and modern.

And just look at this regal read bathroom on the main floor:

That porcelain clawfoot tub is gorgeous!

Guest were not permitted to go upstairs.

But were invited to look around on the main level at the beautiful quilts that were on display:

Anyone could lose track of time on the wrap around porch. I was told that my great grandmother lived at this home at one time. Can you imagine? I do not know what the situation was in which she laid her head in this lovely home, but I couldn't help but think of that, being a child in a home so grand and full of history, as I walked through. I image this home would be bigger than life to a child, and the imagination would allow one to travel to almost anywhere.

This beautiful wrap around porch is were I will end this tour of the this Victorian Beauty. Sit a spell with a cold glass of lemonade-or a mint julep, and take in the beauty....and just imagine living at this southern beauty.


Tammy said...

What a beautiful place!!!

Keetha said...

OK - - - I'm IN LOVE with this house inside AND out. Wouldn't it be pure heaven to stay there overnight?????

Leigh said...

Tammy, isn't it though?

Keetha- I know. Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to go inside this house....imaging its beauty. It lived up to my expectations.

jennifer said...

Oh man. I would love to live in a home with that much character. The mantle mirror took my breath!

Awesome post... as always I feel like I was there.

Leigh said...

Wasn't that mantle to die for, Jen? Thanks for joining me on my tour of the Barlett House. I always enjoy your co.

"J" said...

She is a beauty!!!! I love the red bathroom! I think that was my favorite part of the house! =) I could sit and sit and sit for HOURS on that front porch! LOVE IT!

The Hickman's said...

How beautiful and fun!!