Monday, September 1, 2008

JOYS FEARS and Other things

Connie had this mem on her blog. Thought I would give it a go. You all know I love these things:
1. Time with family
2. Looking at photos
3. Sitting on the beach
1. Roaches
2. The economy(it's affecting us all)
3. Something "bad" happening to someone in my family. But I have faith in God and his plan.
1. Clean up my house (never ending)
2. paint the hallway
3. getting hardwoods downstairs
Current Obsessions
1. Photography
2. Blogging
3. My family & friends

Surprise Facts About Me
(my friends would love this catagory. This came up just the other day in the car ride to MS. My friends found out some things they didn't know. It was quite funny......But really, does anything surprise you about me?)

1. I studied sign language interpretation for several years to get a degree in educational interpretation.
2. I own my own karaokee machine. Is that really surprisig though?
3. I am thinking of entering an upcoming fishing tournament.

1 comment:

"J" said...

Roaches freak me out...BAD BAD BAD!!!!! YIKES! I can't stand the ones that fly!!!! YUCK!

Keep me posted on the fishing tournament!

My dad and brother and in a BIG one this weekend up at Lake Fork in Texas!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOYS GO!!!!!!!!