Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Congressman Bachus

Locals- I hate that I missed seeing Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus in town last night. My daughter had a school activity and it took priority. Locals, please fill me in on what I missed. I have a little story on Congressman Bachus. I am the mail retriever in my house. If not for me, it would stay piled it the mailbox for who knows how long. One day I noticed a letter addressed to Big Daddy from Congressman Bachus. The manner in which it was addressed led me to believe it was something more than a political declaration of support. I called Big Daddy at work and asked, "What is it? Can I open it?" Big Daddy had emailed our congressman a day or two prior (without my knowledge) of his feelings on the fair tax issue. It was a double surprise. My husband is NOT one to email anyone, much less his feelings on a political topic to anyone in office. He is one that might voice his opinion to me and let it be. This was obviously something he was very passionate about. We were both surprised at Congressman Bachus' prompt response. It was two pages, addressing each of Big Daddy's concerns, in the end, asking if he still wanted to discuss the issues to telephone his office. I was most impressed by this. The availability of this man to the public, for he is the voice of the people. He was genuinely concerned and wanted to listen to Big Daddy's views. It impressed me.
I am sure he was impressionable tonight. Fill me in if you went.....

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MissBossyPants said...

I didn't hear him speak because of Civitan and the kindergarten meeting. However, I have written him in the past and gotten prompt responses. The same goes for Sessions and Shelby, both of whom have probably gotten tired of me.