Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Lost Road to Some Great Finds

With gas as high as it is (I saw on the news that on Oxmoore Rd a station had it listed for $4.04 a gallon) I have been sticking close to the home front. Thus the summer of "take back the house". But today I ventured out with Sledge and Smooth. We met my mother and cousin Gina in Vestavia. We had actually struck out to go to V Richards for lunch. I used to go there when it was in Homewood and since that location closed, I have really missed it. I knew there was another location in town and Bama's friend, Lex ,had recently eaten there, thus giving me the "hankering" for V's. But I did not look up directions for the current location. I "thought" I knew where it was. I was wrong. So instead of going at V Richards, we ended up going to Moe's BBQ on Rocky Ridge Road in Vestavia.

We arrived about 12:45, and found the place with only a few patrons. We ordered at the counter. Moe's has a list of daily vegetable specials as well as a full BBQ menu. Sledge and Smooth both ordered the mac and cheese. Sledge opted for black eyed peas as well. They split an order of kids chicken fingers (2 to an order). My mom ordered a BBQ pork sandwich and a side salad. Gina chose the pork tenderloin salad. And I, the side salad with the red ranch salad dressing. All of our plates came with a piece of cornbread. We then seated ourselves at a long table. Soon enough our orders were announced as ready. And the eating began...My salad came with lettuce, carrots, onions and cheese. The red ranch dressing didn't taste anything like a ranch but more like a spicy and creamy Greek-much like what is found at Jim & Nicks (Greek salad dressing). I loved it! And the salad was not to big, just perfect size. The cornbread was very different, not like my mommas. It looked like a piece of BBQ bread, but was made of cornbread. It was ok, again, "not like momma fixes". Gina commented that her pork tenderloin salad was very good. My mother liked her BBQ. The BBQ sauce was a vinegar based, came with a kick, which I like. The kids were less than impressed with the mac and cheese, however. I tried it and it was very dry and oily. Sledge also didn't like the black eye peas (very unlike her) but it was because there were pieces of red pepper mixed in with it and kids... picky. I got a box so my mother could take it home. On a scale from 1-5, I would give it a 3.

From there we bid ado to my cousin, who had to get back to work. My mother and I decided to stop by a furniture consignment store that we had passed by in our search for V's. The store is located in a shopping center on Rocky Ridge Rd, just north of Moe's (there is a Starbucks & Wakovia Bank in the shopping center lot). The Store is called "Consignment Furniture".

The store was packed full of the most wonderful things. I saw quite alot that I would've loved to have given a home to. I fell in love with the tall blond amoire piece on the back wall. That one there in the dead center. Ain't it gaw-jus? I hope you can click on the photo and it will enlarge so that you can get a better look at the details.

It is a French piece, dating back to the 1800's-as I was told. All in original condition. Cost-$4,000.00. To steep for my pocketbook, though I adored and was enamored by whimsical pattern in the wood. It was unlike any piece I have ever seen.

But there was more, still precious but more affordable little treasures to be found.

I found an Indian rug that would match my walls perfectly. I really liked it, yet I told the shop owner that I was afraid to purchase because I would in essence "be married to a rug". I have lost all confidence now in my decorating so I was really struggling as to whether or not I should buy it. The shop owner then said something that floored me..."Take it home. If you don't like it bring it back. You don't have to pay until you like it". She could see I was stunned. "I operate the old fashioned way. Pay me when you decide you want to keep it, if not return it." As kind a gesture as it was I told her that I would feel more comfortable leaving my check, to which she said she would hold and wait to hear from me as to whether the rug worked. I mentioned to her that she was an awfully trusting person to to such a thing, to which she commented back, "I have never had anyone take me. I like to generally think all people are good and to trust in them."

Wow. So I wrote out my check for $125.00 dollars for an 8x10 Indian just professionally cleaned rug. I will bet it would have cost that to just have it cleaned. And you know I would have it cleaned. Because I have a thing about my feet touching the floor. But let us not get into my multi neuroticism and all it's issues.

My mom on the other hand did take her up on her offer of taking a piece home to decided if she liked it. She "purchased" a mirror for my new niece's nursery. She didn't know if it would go, and wanted my sister in laws mother to decided (she is an interior decorator). If not, she will return it. This is it, in the back of my moms car...

I know, hard to tell much about it. It was 20% off of $69.00, should she keep it, that is what she will owe. I loved this store. I loved the store owner. I loved the contents of the store. There was alot to look at. I will be back to this place. Again and again!
And as a side note to this place, by the time I got home, I walked in and the telephone was ringing, I answered and it was the shop owner who had found my datebook. AKA by Life as I know it. It was left on the counter, after I wrote out my check. If I do not have my calendar, I do not know which end is up. I am a virtual turd in a toilet bowl. She saved me by calling me and telling me that she had it. Bless her heart, for the love all of things good.

From there we went to Andy's Farmers Market, also on Rocky Ridge Rd.

Most Alabamians know how to spell Alabama.

I know I cannot spell. And I rely on spellcheck because I cannot type either. I have to look at the keyboard instead of the screen.
But I can spell Alabama.

I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope an A was lost or perhaps they ran out of A's and had to improvise....

If you ever travel to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach by way of Gulf Shores Parkway through Loxley, these are the same folks that own Burris' Market. Yes! That place-it always has a big inflatable vegetable of whatever is in season out front. It is almost tradition to stop there on the way to the beach and pick up the vegetables and makings for low country boil-a beach tradition. At Andy's the vegetables are just as good-and just as local.

There was much there that Sledge and Smooth eyeballed, mostly fruit. Smooth was really found of seeing the "Spongebob Homes" lined up in the cooler (spongebob squarepants). Sledge was interested in the strawberries and cherries. But I made them hold off until this weekend's Black and Blue Berry Festival in Jemison. There they can pick the fruit themselves.

And so to home I went with my big new (to me) rug in hopes that it will work out. I laid it out and it matched the walls and leather furniture well.
Jeffery likes it too.
I would call it a very productive day. Other than the fact I didn't find V Richards. But I did find much more. After I got home, I looked up V Richards. I plan to head the right direction really soon. I am sure a post will follow...


Leigh said...

FYI- my son's friend Lex read this post and commented on my literary wording. That said with much sarcasism.

He has never heard of such words as (he pointed out):

"Struck out" -to go looking for someplace or something

"Hankering"- wanting something

"a turd in a toilet bowl"- surely you jest?

You get the picture......
How about "Back where I come from"......Hmmm. That's just the way it is.

Haven't you heard of these sayings?

Anonymous said...

I think you chose a nice new rug Leigh, and that your Mom should keep that mirror! Moes sounded good - I've never heard of red ranch dressing, but will try it if I see it around. Also, I had sweet tea & a peach today - wish I could have gone to Andy's though :)

Anonymous said...

Big Daddy loves the Burris market and the vegetables-I love the cobbler and ice cream! Ha! That figures!
Of course I know those sayings- I live in the south!

Snark Meister said...

Wow! You found some neat stuff! Sometimes, it's the detours that are the most fun. You never know what you might see or come across.

Keetha said...

About the wording, I've heard ALL those expressions when we lived "down yonder in the south" and I LOVE them.

These pictures are FABULOUS!!! Makes me wish alAbama was a lot closer so I could go exploring them for myself. That furniture place is TO DIE FOR. And the pictures of the fruits and vegetables just make my mouth water - - - even WITHOUT the A.

Charnita's Xpressions said...

I was just about to comment on the turd in a toilet bowl.
I have heard hankering and struck out many times in my southern raisin', but never turd in a toilet bowl.
I do love your rug and your veggie pics are beautiful!!!

jennifer said...

I am going to be looking for a rug soon too for the new place. I don't look forward to it because stuff like that is expensive.

I like the armoire too, GORGEOUS!


Cookiw said...

Well, I definitely know how to spell Alabama because I'm an Alabama girl! (now living in Michigan) thank you soooo much for your very, very sweet note the other day when you stopped by and said "hi". I'm delighted that you left a comment because it gave me an opportunity to find you! What a great place to visit. Now I'm going to add you to my list of sites that I visit so that I can find you again soon.
It's nice to meet you.
I really appreciated your very kind words. My Mother is doing better and we hope to have her out of the hospital in a few days.