Friday, June 27, 2008

Kids Safety Instruction

Sister Sledge and J Smooth (along with their friends, A & J) participated in a children's safety class this entire week. In the class they learned a Family Fire Plan, Bicycle Safety, The difference in Good touch & bad touch, were finger printed and given a child ID kit, and instructed what to do if someone were to try and hurt them. They had a good time and learned alot about safety and awareness. The kids all received certificates for attending the safety course.

Officers Weaver and Wright of the Alabaster Police Department did an excellent job in instructing the class.

The class was free! There will be another Child Safety Classes offered class next week. Women's Self Defense Classes are also scheduled for the month of July (both day and night time classes are offered). If interested in either of the classes, contact the Alabaster Police Department and ask for Officer Weaver.

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giants fan said...

very cool of them to offer that for free!!