Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Blackberry Picking Time!

This from Petals From the Past:

We have outstanding crop of blackberries this year. Fruit size and flavor are outstanding.
The weather this week is predicted to be warm. In order to provide to provide cooler conditions for harvest we are opening our field one day per week during the early morning. On Thursday morning (June 5) we will open our gates at 7am.

We will have special pricing that day only:
Approx. $3.60 for 12 ounces
Approx. $7.20 for 24 ounces
This is 15% below our current price of $5.65 per pound. The prices are the same if you pick or we pick.
If the early harvest day proves fruitful we will continue the event through June and possibly longer.
Since we grow our own fruit you never pay sales tax.
We have a small volume of Southern High Bush Blueberries which are being sold already picked for $5.50 a pint. The main crop of blueberries should be ready in approximately 10 days.

Petals from the Past
16034 County Road 29
Jemison, Alabama. 35085
205-646-0069 FAX 205-646-2626


Travis said...

Mmmmmmmm...fresh blackberries!

Trina said...

I still want to do this! My hubby just had surgery, so it might be awhile before we can daytrip though!