Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Having a Ball-of all Kinds

This past weekend, my friend Terri (aka, Confessions of a Yarn Whore) -seen here-

invited me to a function that she was helping to facilitate. The event took place at Bluff Park Methodist Church and was called Mountain Marketplace. It featured 69 different vendors, who all featured interesting items and wares. There was something for everyone. My mom and I met up with my mother in law and sister in law and her two adorable little boys for a day of shopping at the marketplace.

And shopped we did.

I purchased this piece of original artwork in a clearance bin for $10.00. It is an original photograph taken in Germany of a bicycle. The photograph was then digitized. I like the look of it, and for $10.00 it was a bargain. I am clueless as to where I will put it in my house.

I also found a treasure for J of Musings From Left field. She has me on the lookout for items for her lake house. This limited edition plate was $7.00.

We bid my MIL and SIL and the boys ado. The boys were so good, but their patience had worn thin. From there mom and I went to Bluff Park Antiques. The store is closing this Saturday, so there are/were many markdowns. I collect antique boxes (among other things). Mom bought me an orange one for $6.00! I got a black one for $8.00

I also purchased some silver candles for $3.50

This silver "Jesus statue" (from Mexico) for less than $4.00.

I also purchased a white pillow with blue piping and some fabric that I can use in Smooths room in my "summer take back the house" project. Mom purchased an antique wooden chair for $10.00. I think she is going to put it in her garden and allow it to age.

From there we were off to meet the rest of the family & friends to cheer on Bama and his doubles partner D-Lid in their doubles tennis match.

(D-Lid lying down, Lex and MK pictured together)

After over a month of no practise for Bama, it showed on the court. But he had fun. For me, that is all that counts. For him, it's back to the courts to work with his pro.Sometimes you win some, sometimes you loose. In any case, a productive Saturday.

(D-Lid, Bama, MK & Lex)

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"J" said...

That stinks they didn't win! Just knowing how I feel and playing all the sports I played in school...I bet he was bummed! =( I'm sure he'll get right back in the "SWING" of things! =)

Looks like yall had a "FAMILY" fun day of shopping! Yall found some really great finds too!

Again, thank you for looking for fishing stuff for the lake house! At least you know you have a part in it! =) I can't wait to start decorating! I want to do one room in back and white! We bought a used (really nice) futon and Mr. "S" bought me a black cover for it. I want to do black and white lake pictures! I don't know what size yet? I'm thinking...10x13? Wal-Mart has some cheap black wood (nice) frames! Any ways...I was wondering if you would sell me a print of your black and white boat photo on your myspace? I would love to add that to the room! I have a few other photographer blog friends that I was going to ask to take some lake black and white pics! That way I have pictures from all over in this room! I think it would be a neat idea! What do you think?