Monday, June 2, 2008

Family Fun in the Country

I have been out of the country, I mean out in the country. This weekend I went to a family reunion in Glencoe, Alabama. We had a great time. My cousins (Johnny & Glenda & Christie) worked very hard to see that everyone had a good time. They put out little baby pools for the babies. For older children there was an inflatable "pirate ship" that had a water slide and sprayed water out of the mast of the ship. The older folks cruised around on the "rhino" (atv-but the size of a golf cart) and played horseshoes. We also played "Rock Star". Me and my cousin Mel and her friend had a girls rock group going on. We were really good. I am very proud to report that I got a 97% on my rock star vocals. I rocked it out on "Dead or Alive". Later on there were some frozen concoctions. It was alot of fun. Upon departing, Christie had each child a little sand buckets filled with all kinds of goodies. Sledge had a kit that shows you how to make balloon animals, etc. She has had a ball with it.
I always enjoy spending time with the family and playing catch up. As we say in my family, "a good time was had by all".


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

I loved your slide shows- it looks like ya'll had a blast!! I just love hanging out with family and friends. :)

Leigh said...

Thanks Amy! We did have a good time. I always want to come to your fmaily functions after watching yours and J's (Musings from Left Field) slide shows! I am still envious of your creek camp out.