Friday, May 16, 2008

Under Rated TESLA

This meme was created by the ever talented Troll, as explained here,

"Introducing a New Troll Meme: Overrated/Underrated

Who: You

What: Any topic whatsoever that you believe is woefully overrated or underrated. People, places, things, ideas. It’s entirely up to you.

Where: Your own blog.

When: FIRST and THIRD Fridays of the month (Da Troll will post reminders).

Why: Because a scientific Troll Poll indicated people would enjoy having an organized format for their rants and raves.

How: Subject line of your post should be crafted thusly: Overrated Fridays: French Wines (or Underrated Fridays: Puffy Cheetos). Then, in 500 words or less, tell us why. Unlike Mute Mondays, you’ll need to use actual words, although feel free to post a photo or two if you want. When you’re finished, head over to Da Troll’s and post "I'm UP" in the comments section. Then visit other players to agree or disagree with their selections."

With underrated in mind, my nomination for today's underrated is one of the most underrated bands "evah!", in my opinion, that being TESLA.
Deep lyrically, musically gifted, vocally stellar. Completely interesting. I never did understand why they didn't receive more airplay and a following (but really it is one of the reasons I adore them, not overexposed and forced to "pop") . In this video, they sing "Paradise", my all time favorite song by them. I soooo want to do this one karaokee night.
I am a HUGE fan of the guys and the band. Tesla, my underrated pick of this first underrated meme.

Music video by Tesla performing Paradise: Final Version(C) 1990 UMG Recordings, Inc.


jennifer said...

You are just so Rockin Roll Leigh. I bet your kiddos think that you are Cool!!

Take care,


The Troll said...

They were seriously talented. Maybe getting lumped in with the era's "hair-bands" like Cinderella and RATT etc...hurt them a bit?

Good Under-rated Choice. Don't forget to troll by Troll Island to say "I'm UP".

Toknowhim said...

Sweet Bloggy Friends/Siestas (and the “Know & Tellers”)

If you get a chance, go over today to ( if you visit my site, you will see the button that will link you directly there). This is the new meme I am involved with… I only ask one question, but I would love to have all you participate so I can read your answers… Blessings, and hope to hear from you soon… To Know Him

Travis said...

Tesla was one of my sister's favorites.

Anonymous said...

Funny-listened to Tesla last night!