Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen-with Friday's answers

(Since it is Friday, I have listed the answers by the movie)

Each Thursday I participate in Thursday Thirteen. It is up to the individual what "13" is to be listed. This week, I thought I would try and get everyone and anyone involved. Movie good are you? Provide your guesses in the comments (in order).
On Friday I will list the correct answers. Good Luck!

Name that movie:

1. Big Trouble in Little China (One of Big Daddy's fav's)

2.Lost Boys

3.Midnight Run


5.The Shining (Heeere's Johnny...)

6.Dead Calm (good one!)

7.Seems Like Old Times

8.MIdnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

9.Zeus and Roxanne

10.Semi Pro

11.Mrs. Doubtfire


Malcom was the only one that got the bonus movie:
It's Big Daddy's favorite movie: Highlander
Thanks for playing along! Everyone did great!


Gina said...

Oh, I recognize Mrs. Doubtfire, Will Ferrel's Blades of Glory and Juno =)

I will borrow this T13 idea next time!

Happy Thirteening!

Anonymous said...

The only ones I know FOR SURE are The Shining and Mrs. Doubtfire. I don't think I'll give my guesses - just in case they're wrong. LOL! Great idea for a TT!

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Wow!! You've stumped me- I only knew Mrs. Doutfire. I'm going to ask my husband tonight, so I might re-comment with his guesses...

Zinnia, Princess Warrior said...

1. Big Trouble in Little China

2. The Lost Boys

3. Midnight Run

4. Tremors

5. The Shinning (I saw this movie with my grandmother and it scared me to death; I can’t remember when it came out but I lived with her at the time so at the most I was 7)

6. ?

7. Seems like old times (mom loves Goldie Hawn movies, but I think Protocol is her favorite)

8. Midnight in the garden of good and evil

9. Zeus and Roxanne

10. ?

11. Mrs Doubtfire

12. Casablanca

13. Juno (I have yet to see it)

Not a clue

Dullbert said...

#6 is Dead Calm
#7 Foul Play
#10 Semi pro

Bonus Braveheart ?

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Yhanks....this was fun. I may have to try one of these....I love games.

1Big trouble in little china
2The Lost Boys
3 Don't Know
5The Shining
6Dead Calm
7Seems Like old Times
8 Midnight in the Garden of good and Evil
9 Don't Know
10Blades of Glory
11 Ms. Doubtfire
12 Casablanca

nancygrayce said...

I am the WORST at trivia! I refuse to play Trivial Pursuit because it shows how dumb I am.....The only ones I recognized were the Shining (because who could forget Jack's face??) Mrs. Doubtfire (my mother took my son to see it during my divorce from his father and he hated it and wondered why anyone would think it was funny, I have to agree when you think about it from that perspective), Casablanca and Juno.

:) Thanks for your sweet comments. This has been a hard time of life.

Malcolm said...

Since a few have already commented ahead of me, I typed my answers in a Word document and cut and pasted them here so I wouldn't accidentally see anyone's answers. Here are mine:

1. Big Trouble In Little China
2. The Lost Boys
3. Midnight Run
4. Alligator?
5. The Shining
6. Dead Calm?
7. Seems Like Old Times (it's either that or "Foul Play")
8. Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil
9. Free Willy?
10. Semi Pro
11. Mrs. Doubtfire
12. Casablanca
13. Juno

Malcolm said...

Oh, I missed the bonus. My guess is "Highlander".

Keetha said...

Actually, I figured out about three of them - - - but since I didn't leave a comment, now that you've revealed it will just look like I cheated. So - - - - I'll not even bother to tell which ones I knew.