Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Thirteen-Candy

Though I wouldn't classify myself as having a sweet tooth, I do have my vices. I can pass up a dessert table, but there are times when I crave a certain candy. It changes. These are my thirteen favorite candies, in no certain order:

1.Hot Tamales

2.Cool Mint Tamales

3. Cool Mint Life Savers-latest addiction

4.Tropical Flavored Life Savers (or the butter rum flavor)

5.Gummy bears (or any gummy)

6.Bottlecaps-I pick out all of the cola and rootbeer then give the rest to the kids..

7.Cherry Sours

8.Peppermints-Must have some in my purse

9. Banana Laffy Taffy-I recall going to the "Dime Store" with my mom in Vestavia. Antime we went there she would always buy me and my brother a square of this taffy.

10.Snickers..."the snack that satisfies."

11.Jelly Belly

12.Reeces Cups-out of the refrigerator.

13.Mint Three Musketeers (Have you tried it? Yum!)

All this being said, if given the option of candy or a raw vegetable, Veggie wins everytime. I am sure I was the only kid at Easter who wanted the bunny to share his treats with me instead of candy....LOL!

And before you ask, no cavities in this head. Not yet anyway...


For the Love... said...

Ummm snickers and gummy bears...

I used to buy the giant bag of gummy bears at Sams and then keep them in the fridge. Then I decided that maybe I was allergic to them because they made me feel a little nauseated...then it occured to me that maybe it wasn't the bears but the fact that I was eating them a pound at a time...

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Snickers! YUM!

"J" said...

#2. Never had these?
#3. I really like these and tons of other flavors too!
#4. I just answered that above! HA
#5. These are okay...I like the sour belts more than gummies!
#6. Can't stand them! YUCK!
#7. I can only eat a few of those without them being to SWEET! I really like the lemon drops!
#8. I always ROB the restaurants that have mints sitting at the host stand!!! lol I grab a hand full!! HE HE
#9. I love all flavors of Laffy Taffy!!! YUM-O!!! I also like the gooft jokes! HE HE
#10. I can NOT live without these!!! For real...ummmmmmmmmm!!!!! This is my #1 favorite candy bar!!!!
#11. I like SOME of the flavors! My mom is likes the black ones...YUCK!
#12. They are okay...Mr. "S" LOVES these!!!
#13. Never had these? I would try them though!!!

I don't know what I felt the need to talk about each of the candy items you =)

You left off M&M's...I love them too!!! The ones with NUTS!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!

jennifer said...

The sugar free Lifesaver's Buttered toffee thingy's have saved many a diet for me. This is a YUMMY post!!!


Travis said...

Not too much chocolate on that list. That's probably a good thing. My favorite candy these days is Starbursts, although if you get me started on Reeses I'm not likely to stop!