Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 13 Things I will (probably) Never Do

Lindsey had a post on her blog with 20 things she would never do. I thought I would make my Thursday thirteen mine. And without further is my Thirteen Things I will (probably) Never Do....

1. Eat meat. I just can't. It's the texture. I have been like this all my life. The #1 question I always get -"Are your parents vegetarians?" No. They are all carnivorous. #2 "Does your family eat meat?" Yes. Every day. I cook it. I do not eat it.

2.Get a tatoo. "Not that there's anything wrong with it". (Seinfeld) I hate needles. I had three children without epiderals-all because I hate needles. I have a high tolerance for pain, but not needles.
3. Give up cheese. Love it. Give me a hunk of cheese over any dessert.

4. Eat sushi. Again with the meat, but it's also bait. Eww.

5. Dance on Dancing with the Stars. I know you thought so, but its true. American Idol doesn't look promising either.

6. Bungee jump. I am terrified of heights. I always think I would like to go para sailing, but know if I got up there I would freak. I freaked on my 6 foot ladder this weekend when I painted my den. Of course Big Daddy made fun of me.

7. Add another dog to our pack. We are maxed out. Really, it is ridiculous. But I love them.

8. Sadly enough, convince any of my Top Five people of "if you could invite anyone" to dinner, dinner party over for dinner. Did you follow that?

9. Have a personal invite from Katheryn Tucker Windham to drink sweet tea on her porch while she spins tales. (sniff, sniff) Really, can you imagine. I would be in true bliss.

10. Enter my daughter in a beauty contest. She's beautiful, but I think they send the wrong message to young girls. In high school there is a pageant and if she wants to enter it is up to her, but I won't be pushing it. If she should decided, of course I will support her.

11. Use the word F-A-T to anyone or about anyone. It is a bad word in our house.

12. Regret being a stay at home mother. My mom was able to be home with me and I feel fortunate to be able to be home with my kids. That's not a slam to working moms. To each his own. I admire any woman who can do both. I can hardly handle this job. For my family it is a personal choice and I am so glad I am able to be available to my children 24/7-well most of the time I am grateful. The times I am not, I hide in the bathroom, LOL!

13. Develop a fondness for rap music.


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

I'm with you on almost all those! Heights- AAHHH! Meat- Yuck!! Dancing with the Stars/American Idol- HA!HA!HA!HA! I do have a tatoo, though. (It's an iscbus fish on my lower back. My dad was not happy when he saw it. I said, "But it's a Christian symbol." He said, "That's probably not the best way to profess your faith!" He's probably right, but I love it. :)

Lindsey said...

I, too, would love to sit with Kathryn Tucker Windham. I love to listen to her. I'm also against beauty contest....but like you I would support my daughter's decision. I'm also a non-sushi eater. It is SO bait:)

Gina said...

Interesting idea for TT! I don't have mine this week, but might pick up some ideas today while bloghopping, and I would be a copycat.

I am not a sushi eater either. I just don't like anything raw.

Kudos to you on #12! If you can do it, why not?

The Troll said...

12) It's the noblest profession in my somewhat humble opinion.

13) There's no reason to try to enjoy it, it sucks!

This Windham person, does she write only Chick stuff or would Southern Men like her?

Never heard of her until your blog.

Lulu said...

I'm totally with you on #2 and #6. I hate needles. With a screaming passion. And I'm not so fond of tattoos either, but to each his own!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the tatoo, eating sushi & being a sahm! Now, I'm heading to the fridge for some sweet tea :)

"J" said...

LoL...I'm with you on the Bungee jump way, no how! I don't think I ever could?!?!

I love sushi...come on! I love meat too!

beauty contest...crazy! Would never want to enter my child (if I had one) in them either! I think it's a HUGE money making!

Leigh said...

Amy/Welcome-I am sure your tatoo is very pretty. I dont see anything wrong with it (I am all about the show LA INK!) but I couldnt do it. No way. And I would get some artist that sucked and mine would look like something it shouldnt and I d have to live with it. Thatd be my luck. HAHA! I like the fish idea. HAve you posted on it? Really, that would be an interesting post-what lead you to do it, reaction of fmaily and friends and a pic. Cool idea.

Lindsey-I have heard Mz Windham on three occassions and relsihed everyone. She sent me a postcard after my last visit with her and I have it hanging on my fmaily wall. It is so special to me. On the front of the card it a drawing of "Jeffery". Cute. I adore that woman. She could tell me the alphabet and make it interesting!

Gina- Copy away, I stole from Lindsey and I am sure she doesnt care. I hope not. I have to go and steal-I mean-get inspiration for my TT's. It gets hard every week.

Troll-Troll the only thing ai will eat raw are fruits and veggies. And I soooo knew that if you saw that post you would agree with my #13. I cannot beleive you didnt comment on that. Re#112 I think alot of people think I sit at home and do nothing (hello blog!) but seriously parenting for me is a full time job. I love being able to be at class function, spend summers with my kids, and be available to them and make sure they arent getting into trouble. I just adore my husband for working so hard to afford us that luxury. It has been completely worth it to us.

Lulu-ok, I figured you for a tatoo of a "mexican cutie-how it got {there} I havent a clue". HAHAHAHA. And really what is the thrill in jumping off something that can kill you?

Dullbert said...

#2 and #13 I guess the "G-ram" tatoo is not happening.

However about #11.... "Somewhat larger than average bottoms You Make The Rockin World Go Round" just doesn't sound right ?

Leigh said...

Dullbert-OH!MY!GOSH! I am fixing myself up a big plate of crow. I do sing that song. And loud. You are correct-and pay attention. Score points for you. I hope it isnt offensive when I sing it. But I will not say it. SO true, Dull! So Busted.....

Anonymous said...

I will never ever like rap either-and I don't foresee a tatoo in my future!

Travis said...

I think that might be the first time I've heard that reason for being a vegetarian. There are certain kinds of meat I won't eat, but I do love me a good steak.