Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Love Is....

My blog fran, The Roaming Southerner is asking readers what you tell your children about love. She had her own story regarding how it came to be on her blog. Me? I think what I personally have and will continue to teach my children about love is:

1.Look for someone who shares the same morals and values.
2.Don't ever sell yourself short.
3.Have expectations-but not ones that are to high.
4.No one is perfect.
5.The best way to have the last word in an argument is by saying "I'm sorry".
6. When you love-do it with every bit of your being. Love is Passionate.
7. Love is: defined in the Bible. Read it. Obey it. Practise it.
8. Love is: perfected through laughter
9.Love is a mighty strong word and it shouldn't be carelessly misrepresented.
10. I always say, love is like a garden, you must pull the weeds and tend to it for it to flourish.

That's my advice.
To participate, and put on the Dr. Phil hat, go to her blog and click the link.


"J" said...

That was SWEET! =)

McMommy said...

I love #10...so true! All of them were fantastic and great advice to pass down to our kids.