Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dancing with the Stars 5-6-08

I didn't even get around to giving my opinion's of Monday night's performances. I had such a migraine that night that the sound of the keys hurt my head. It had nothing to do with Cinco De Mayo either. I stayed home. I feel better today though.
It was an exciting night on DWTS Monday night. On Tuesday night was the 100th episode. It was so fun re watching all the dances from previous years and getting to relive those moments again. There were so many-like when Kelly Monaco almost lost her top, bless her heart. She held it up with her hands. I remember seeing that strap pop and thought , "OH!NO! Children, cover your eyes. Its live tv!".
There was also the shocker of last year when my girl. Sabrina was voted off. I , along with everyone else, was certain she would win. Most all of the Dancers from previous shows were in the audience. I missed seeing Marley. Also noted missing was George Harrison (I like to refer to as Dracula. Seriously, there hasn't been a better vampire has there?) Someone please have a sit down with Lisa Rinna who is seeing the same Doctor Jiffy Lube as Priscilla Presley (also missing in the audience). Her lips are atrocious. I used to watch her years ago on Days of Our lives (I now detest all soaps), Her lips were full then and pretty, but now, they are distorted and look just awful. Harry Hamlin, convince your wife of the beauty she is-er was- and make her stop. have her use that dough on a head doctor instead. It really is a motivation for me to just age gracefully. Accept the wrinkles and go out looking wrinkled and what I hope to be OLD.
I hope that you saw Julianne and Apolo dance to Rascal Flatts, who sang Every Day. Are they not amazing together. THat dance was gorgeous. Breath taking, even.
I loved seeing Max dance with Mel. Max was always my favorite dancer. Of course that was before Fabian hit the DWTS dance floor. I gotta say, Max has that Mr. Cool factor down to a tee. It was so good to see him. And a tidbit of inside info, he was the one who helped Fabian land the DWTS gig by introducing him to the show producers and recommending Fabian when he said he was going on hiatus.
Speaking of Fabian-it was GREAT to see him back on the dance floor. I just adore seeing his hips move and footwork. He has such a way of moving. It's like Speedy Gonzales. Even Big Daddy agrees, saying the dancers are all "AMAZING!"-though he wouldn't want me to publish it. Forget I said that....
At 8 PM CST the results show came on. I really thought my girl, Marissa would be leaving based on scores for the past 2 weeks. I jumped off my couch when she was called safe. Leaving was Mario and Karina. Mario was very gracious in his goodbye speech and even gave a shout out to our soldiers, the "real hero's", as he said. Before Mario was on the show I had no idea who he was. I am still not familiar with his music, but I am a fan of the gentleman he appears to be. Good for you Mario! You had a good run!

*Tune in next week to the semi finals. And for those in the "Ham" area, I hear Fabian is coming home this weekend. I know a party, at somepoint, is in the works, but it may be after the final results show. The public will be invited to the party. I will publish as I know more details.

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Travis said...

It'll be interesting to see what happens Monday. I'm thinking that both Kristi and Jason have the fanbases behind them, and should sail through to the finale.

But I wonder...Cristian has been dancing so well, and Marissa has become such a joy to watch.

However it turns out, it should be fun to watch!