Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sometimes Monsters do Hide Under Beds

I have such a sick sense of humor. I am a bit disturbed and I apologize for that. Last night I was tucking Sledge into bed. We said prayers and I thought that our puppy, Miley, might have followed me into Sledge's room. I didn't want her to get locked in, so I knelt down to check for Miley under the bed. Imagine my surprise when I saw a dead animal with tufts of shredded fur all under her bed. It was everywhere. I shrieked. What was it?

I looked closer and burst out in laughter. My mother had bought Sledge one of those fake sleeping cats, that has rabbit fur on it. Sledge would put it on her bed and it looked like a real cat, asleep. I am assuming that either Miley or Lucy got the "sleeping cat" and pulled off and shredded every last bit of fur that was on that plastic cat. I pulled it out, and just then J Smooth walked into Sledge's room, awaiting his turn to be tucked in and had come to see what the hold up was, he screamed in terror of what I was holding in my hand.
Sledge and I were laughing so hard we couldn't speak. I attempted to hold it closet to him so he could see what it was, it only made him scream more. I then took the thing and hit it on the side of Sledge's desk, if he heard it he would know it was plastic....but no. Poor little guy. Finally I explained to him what it was and what had happened. He was still afraid though. He did manage to get some sleep though, only after saying the "keep me safe" prayer and a little monster be gone spray.


"J" said...

I've seen those cats and they are FREAK-A!!! BIG TIME FREAKY!!

I would have pooped all over myself...lol

I know...TMI!!!

Mrs. Jules said...

Wow...take the fur off and you do have something to laugh (or scream) about.

Keetha said...

Funny post!!!! Bless your little guy's heart for being so scared of it - - - but I can CERTAINLY see why!!!

Girl - - - you manage to post BEAUCOUP in one day!!!!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

This is the funniest story I have read in a long time.
Poor child with the sick mother.

jennifer said...

Oh Gosh Leigh, that is HYSTERICAL!!

Those sleeping cat things are kind of scary to start with but that takes the cake!


Travis said...

The picture freaked me out!

Leigh said...

Ya'll- it was so funny , and I am sick because all I could do was laugh at my child who was in fear.