Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dancing with the Stars 4-7

I had so much fun last night at the Comedy Club Stardome with Zinnia Sanchez (Freddy's wife) and her family. It was Zinnia's younger sister's birthday and they allowed me to crash the party. Zinnia and I got to catch up during commercial breaks and during some of the other dances. That was great! Zinnia is a absolute doll. Jackie, Fabian's wife did not get to come until the end because she was running their dance studio. I have a feeling she saw Fabian's performance.

Speaking of Fabian and Marlee's performance, OH!MY!GOSH! Not a dry eye, not a single one in my head. Bama leaned over and said, "Mom, are you crying?" Then he saw the tears and Zinnia leaned over and passed me a tissue. "Oh, gosh..." Bama said and rolled his eyes. I couldn't help it, neither could Carrie Ann, she cried too. That was such an emotional dance, one filled with passion. It amazes me that two people can not speak a word, yet use their bodies to tell a passionate story. That, folks, is talent! Fabian and Marlee scored three 8's.
Honestly, I cannot give scores for the other contestants tonight, because I was preoccupied an didn't see many of them in their entirety (but was certain to watch Fabian and Marlee, smile). I am going to have to go online and watch it again.
I hope everyone voted. I do not want intestinal problems like I had last week. Go Fabian and Marlee!

Ashley, Leigh and Zinnia. Fabian's mother was Ashley's "nanny".

Zinnia and baby Gabriella

Ashley, Leigh, Zinnia, Zinnia's sis (it was her 33rd bday) and Gabriella

J Smooth, Sledge and Freddy & Zinnia's son, "A". He and Sledge are in the same class at school.

Freddy & Zinnia's son, "J" with Fabian and Jackie's son, "T".

Gabriella's mommy, Zinnia's sis, working two phones!

Zinnia (Freddy's wife) and Jackie (Fabian's wife)

We all look so pale!!! I think because it was so dark in there my flash overcompinsated and left us looking washed out. We really didnt look like zombies.
A good time was had by all! Go Marlee & Fabian!


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

It looks like you've been having a blast, you star, you!!

Travis said...

I've been so impressed with the way Fabian and Marlee have worked together. She's a natural dancer and his partnering skills are so good.