Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dancing With the Stars 4-28

Another week of Dancing with he Stars, but for me this week was not as exciting. True, it is because of the absence of Fabian and Marlee. As much as I proclaimed it was strange and surreal to see my high school pal on one of my most favorite shows this season, last night it was equally as weird not seeing them there. As I watched tonight's performances I couldn't help but think that Fabian and Marlee were better than Christain/Cheryl and Shannon/Derek. To further complicate things was the outburst of last week (in confessionals) by Derek and the whine fest of Shannon that left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, as it did many of the remaining couples on DWTS. My thoughts put out here up front, here is my opinion of Monday Nights 7th week of Dancing with the Stars......
Tonight the couples will dance and be judged on two dances, one ballroom dance and one Latin dance. I am going to group the couples dances together instead of breaking them apart by dance order to hopefully lessen confusion.

We begin with Marissa and Tony, they dance the tango first. Marissa does very well and never breaks character. Len loved it. "Your best dance." Bruno likes the drama, passion, and "hint of disdain." Carrie Ann thinks Marissa represents all that this competition is about. I agree. They get 9's across the board. Their next dance was the rumba. Again, a great and polished performance. I loved it. Bruno thought it was sweet and romantic, but thought they could have pushed the sex a little more. Carrie Ann thought it was fantastic. Len thought it was a bit "careful". 25 out of 30 for Marissa and Tony. Carrie Ann gave them a 9, while Len and Bruno gave them an 8. Admittedly, with Fabian and Marlee being gone, this would be my underdog couple to win. Big Daddy-with his man crush for Tony Dolovani- agrees. I know this revelation must surprise you (yeah, right)

Christian and Cheryl dance the Viennese Waltz. They spin and spiral around the floor. I thought it lacked a connection between the too. It is supposed to be a romantic dance. Lacking. Bruno thought it was a pleasure to watch, Carrie Ann liked it but wanted a little extra flair. Len thought it lacked a little content and wanted a more traditional approach. Carrie Ann gave an 8, Len gave an 8, and Bruno gave them a 9 for a total of 25. Their second dance is the samba. They do not look very tight to me in this one, even Cheryl's (the pro) footwork seems a bit loose for the samba. Then I noticed, middle and especially end that something goes wrong. Christan stops using his arm and leaves it stiffened, and then not even using it at all, missing Cheryl's extension and then falling onto her. It seems as though Cristian pulled a muscle in his arm, and you can tell he is in pain.Carrie Ann and Len have kind words for Cristian, who stuck with the routine despite the injury. Bruno hopes they'll come back 'cause "Cristian is a great performer". I did not see that at all tonight. Carrie Ann gives a 7, Bruno gives a 7, and Len gives a 7. Ok, call me harsh but during the judges scores Christian, at the end of commentator Samantha's questioning, walks off, in front of her and the camera. Then at the show closing, he is absent from the lineup of "goodbye waves". WHAT a STINKING baby! It's a muscle cramp, and I am sure it hurts but it's in his arm. Not his leg, that might keep him from walking, though it hasn;t stopped many an athlete on the field from finishing a game/competition. Host Tom mentioned that Christian had gone to the hospital. Seriously? I hope his mommy is in town so she can kiss him. He may not get the sympathy vote if others see through it like I do. I make no apologies.

Kristie and Mark dance the Viennese Waltz. They are dressed ala "Officer and a Gentleman". I love these two and in all actuality I think they are the ones to beat. I think they will win. It was a nice dance. Carrie Ann liked that they took a risk with the prop, but took issue with Kristi's turns. Len didn't like all the "mincing about" and the prop, sparking an argument with Bruno. Len to Bruno: "You get on my last nerve!" Bruno liked it, saying she looked like a butterfly. Carrie Ann gives a 9, Len an 8 and Bruno a 9. Samantha mentions that this is the first time they've received a score lower than 9. Their next dance is the Cha-Cha-cha. I LOVE Kristie's outfit. I also love the dance! It has a great vibe-somewhat hiphop, then disco. Love it! Len liked the middle section but is critical of the "boogaloo hip hop dance." What? Bruno LOVES it and totally disagrees with Len. Carrie Ann gives it three snaps! Carrie Ann gives them a 10, Len gives an 8 ( and is booed) and Bruno yells with hand in air, "TEN!!!" They got a 28 out of 30.

Next up is Mario and Karina. Their first dance is the foxtrot. Mario openly speaks of his disdain for this dance. His apprehension shows a bit in the dance. I am not thrilled on their choice of outfit for this dance. I would've preferred something more classy and elegant. Len says Mario is not the most elegant of dancers but thought it was well done. Bruno thinks Mario is full of youthful vitality but wanted more control. Carrie Ann thinks Mario needs to be stiffer. They receive 8's across the board. Next up is the mambo. They look much better in this one. Mario is in his comfort zone. Bruno says" the devil is in Mario's hips". Carrie Ann loved it. Len uses a three word assessment: "Wild. Wacky. Wonderful." They receive all 9's.

Shannon and Derek are up for the tango , or are they? Shannon continues to look a bit gawky in her movements. Bruno says the Tango is "a bitch of a dance" but they did great. Carrie Ann thought it was their best dance yet. Len thought they did a terrific job. They get 9's across the board for 27 total. I think a bit high. I I am sure they are hopeful that folks will remember the dance and scores rather than the confessional video from last week. Next up for these two is the mambo. Shannon, who has often been criticized for lack of hip action, starts off shaking her booty for the judges. Derek tears open his shirt. I think it could've had better hip action. Shannon has such a tough time moving her hips. The choreography is good, although some it looks very reminiscent of one of Derek's dances with Jeannie last season. Carrie Ann liked it. Len thinks Shannon has a "bionic bum." Bruno thinks she was moving her tushy like a wild woman, but agrees with the others that some times she seems a little gangly. Straight 8's from the judges for a total of 24. Shannon reveals that she has a fake butt and "fake everything" for this dance. TMI.LOL.

Last up is Jason and Edyta. They are dancing the quick step first. They do an aerial launch to start things off. Cool. At one point it looks as though Edyta will crash into the stage but she doesn't. Carrie Ann thought it was fantastic x4. Len loved it. Bruno thought it wasn't a Quick Step, it was "QUICK LIGHTNING!!!!!" Carrie Ann gave a 10, Len gave a 9, and Bruno gave a 10, for 29 points. Next up, the paso doble. I take what seems five minutes explaining the paso doble to Big Daddy. "Why don't they just call it the matador dance?" I dunno...The dance is performed to set to the Monday Night Football theme (though ABC is no longer showing Monday Night Football..LOL) and they both wear Dolphins "uniforms"-well sort of. A small uniform. I really was not impressed by this paso. I think it was to far into left field for me, to cheeky. Len felt there was a bit too much posing. I agree. Bruno thought Jason was "master and commander!" Carrie Ann points out that Edyta did a foot lift. Not my favorite dance of theirs. In fact, most likely my least fav from them. Carrie Ann and Bruno both give their dance 9s, but Len gives out an 8. I am with Len on this one.

I also wanted to mention that both Marlee and Fabian were in the audience tonight, though they only showed Marlee. Way to cheer on their "teammates". Fabian will be back next week to dance a group number with the dancers. Then in 2 weeks is the finals and Fabian and Marlee will both be back to dance a number.

Here's the combined leader board after two dances:
55 Jason & Edyta
54 Kristi & Mark
52 Marissa & Tony
51 Mario & Karina
51 Shannon & Derek
46 Cristian & Cheryl

And there you have it folks, my opinion of DWTS. Be sure to Vote for your Favorite!!!
And tune in tomorrow for the Results Show and best of all Def Leopard!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!


"J" said...

I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo READY for me some Def Leopard!!!!!!!!!!! =) Woooooo-Whoooooo!!!!

This week just wasn't the same!!!! =(

Leigh said...

It was NOT the same.....

But I am ready for some DEF tonight!!!! ROck of ages,,,,,

Michelle said...

ROFL!!!! Leigh you are as bad as Steve calling Christian a STINKING BABY.. hahahahaha Def Leppard?? For real? Holy Cow!!

Travis said...

Nice recap. I agreed with most of your reviews too.

Although, I've been around guys with torn biceps muscles and that's exactly what it looked like for Cristian. And if it was a torn bicep, that can be tough to gut out unless you're playing for a Super Bowl championship or something.