Friday, April 4, 2008

Accelerated Storms and Big Mnt Idol

Ominous storm clouds began to roll in just before lunch on Friday. The storm outbreak got to be quite harry, with several tornado and thunderstorm warnings throughout the state. Local School children were released at 1:30 PM due to impending storms, though two of my kids that were at the elementary and intermediate schools did not arrive home until after 3PM. They were detained because of tornado warnings. My daughter did report a storm related injury at the intermediate school, but one that sounded like beyond cuts and bruises, the person will be ok. Though there was structural damage throughout the state, I am glad everyone is physically ok and safe. I got the following pictures from ABC 33/40's weather blog. The pic's are quite grand and are accurate visuals of the storms that passed through.

This photo did not have a name with it but it was taken in Alexandria, Alabama yesterday

Hwy 21 south Talladega 1;55

Photo by Daniel Lay, Pelham, Hwy 31 2-2:15 PM

Fortunately the storm rolled out just in time for Helena's Big Mountain Idol contest. Thirteen contestants are vying for the first place prize. The prize consist of a $100 cash prize, a Free Recording Studio Session, Production of 3 song demo CD, and a CD Release Party hosted at Big Mountain Coffee. The final two contestants will perform their final songs on the Main Stage at the 2008 Buck Creek Festival on Friday May 9.
The contest brought out the crowds, I would estimate to be close to 200 people, to the small space that is Big Mountain Coffee. Fortunately the fire Marshall was not around so the audience got to cheer on their favorites in the contest. Contestants include the following: Megan Clark, David Long, Tamara King, Chris Davidson, Michelle Ellis, Jonathan Henne, Lauren-Taylor Bachofer, Phil Ernest, Alison Gravely, Randall Nichols, Emily Anne Blaising, Jordan Barrios and Josh Wheeler.
A majority of the songs last night were originals and almost everyone played their own instruments, in addition to the one that is their voice. There is certainly alot of talent in Helena! Big Mountain Idol will play out every Friday night at Big Mountain, and run until May 9th. The audience does vote on who will be voted off, so be sure to make your opinion count and VOTE for your favorite participant. I highly recommend you attend to this family friendly event (for all ages!) and support the talent in Helena as well as a great local business like, Big Mountain Coffee. See you next Friday at Big Mountain Idol!


jennifer said...

The weather was worse today at the time that the kids were let out of school than it was at the normal time that they should have been going home.

I am adding you to a blogroll on my site of Alabama bloggers.


Terri said...

I planned to attend, but the weather changed my plans. Sounds like I missed a fabulous event!

Good luck Michelle!

Lulu said...

Dang, I am scared to pieces of tornados. Thank goodness I have a basement that I can sleep in on really bad nights.

We didn't end up getting the bad weather here in Atlanta like last time (thank goodness!). Just some rain that's still hanging around.

Valarie said...

Those clouds look scary. I'm in North Alabama we just got lot and lot and lot and lots of rain. Enough to cancel a softball tournament in Florence we were going to. Ok so I'm not that upset about it.

frannie said...

the pictures are beautiful and so frightening!

Lex said...

wow that one funnel cloud off of 31 is right over the tennis courts. where i would have been if school didnt get let out early

Leigh said...

Lex! I know!! I am soooo glad that my boys (PHS Tennis) are ok! By God's grace and blessing!