Saturday, March 15, 2008

Muddy Football and Horton Hears a Who

After a restless night of torrential rain and thunderstorms, we awoke to go and watch J Smooth's football game only to get rained on some more. It was, though, Smooths very first football game on a team and he couldn't wait to play. In fact, I am sure it was every man's football dream sequence with mud and huge puddles on the field, playing hard, and running every which way. Smooths team ended up loosing, but he didn't know the difference...and I don't think he cared. He was wet and muddy and loved every minute of it.
We are lucky this year to be on the same team as my friend Courtney's child. Today was he and his brothers birthday's and we planned to go to a movie to celebrate. The boys decided on the movie,"Horton Hears a Who".
Going into the movie, I will be honest in saying that I expected nothing more of a movie that was time filling. I had no intentions of it being something thought provoking. Child's play, I thought. However, I was quite pleasantly pleased with this 3rd installment of Cat and the Hat feature films. Rated G, the movie is 86 minutes of spectacular animation . It was everything a family movie should be, funny, entertaining, imaginative and it conveys its well-intentioned message to perfection. It will entertain audiences of ALL ages; but what makes it great though, is what it can offer any intellectual viewer.
In the movie, Jim Carey provides the voice of Horton, the inventive and imaginative elephant who teaches his young friends about the amazing world around them. One day Horton, with his big ears, hears a voice on a speck of dust floating in the jungle air. Horton catches the speck on a clover bloom, and begins to talk to the speck.
The Mayor of Whoville (voice provided by Steve Carell) talks to Horton, and the Mayor can not believe that there is something bigger than his world. After there are several strange and unexpected climate changes that occur in Whoville, the Mayor believes that his world is in great danger. The Mayor tries to warn his people of the impending doom, but everybody laughs and chastises him and thinks he is crazy. Horton is getting the same reaction from everyone who thinks he is also crazy; especially the kangaroo (voice provided Carol Burnett) who wants to get rid of the speck, and Horton's wild ideas. Horton defends the speck by saying that "a person's a person, no matter how small" and continues to stand behind that motto the entirety of the movie. Horton is determined to put the speck in a safe place and out of danger. You will have to see the movie to see if Whoville is saved or sacrificed.
There were a couple surprising parts (with the buzzard) in the movie that might scare younger kids because it made my friend Courtney jump each time. But nothing that was to much for even the youngest viewer.This was a delightfully who-larious movie that the three children and four adults chuckled right through. Horton Hears a Who, a entertaining movie for children and adults of all ages.


Anonymous said... we'll go see the movie!

Also, is it football season already? Or is it flag football?

Leigh said...

We're doing flag. It killed me when Smooth said he didnt want to do baseball this spring. Killed me and Big Daddy, but I guess he marches to his own drum....and gotta let 'em.