Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

The kids are off to school today. This past week I have been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. There was much to do and get done, and I think we *almost* did it all. In only a couple months we will have time for anything we missed in doing the past week. Can you believe that school will be out before you know it? Time does fly.
Easter was a delightful day spent with many family members and good friends. There was a houseful, but we did miss my aunt and uncle, who are fighting off the stomach virus. Speaking of stomachs, mine is so full, I currently feel as tight as a tick. There was a great display of wonderful and tempting foods such as these....


and these.....

And it was so good. As you can tell by most of the photos, as I didn't get a single one where the food was untouched. Oh, well. You get the idea. One day I will have to post these recipes. There is NOTHING like some good home cooking. I am going to HAVE to do something today to work off at least some of those calories.
I tell you what, it really sucks to get older. I have consciously been doing activities to burn off calories and NOTHING, NOTHING!!!!! is happening. It seems with me at 35 the old metabolism all but stopped burning calories. I get so frustrated. I really do not eat bad, I am not a sweet tooth person, nor meat eater, or milk or eggs. I LOVE vegetables. I rarely eat anything fried, and I am pretty much off of colas. (Only on rare occasions now). But still, it keeps coming on. I asked my doc to test my thyroid, it proved to be OK. I guess it is just, oh, I hate to say it, ekkk.......Middle age, and DANG! This part sucks big time. I can age gracefully, give me a wrinkle or two, I won't fight that, but the spread is sickening to me. Thank God in Heaven for a supportive husband who loves me and my big butt and boobs unconditionally. (Gross)
Lets change the subject to something more pleasant.....
Have you heard of the little show called, Dancing with the Stars? Well it is on again tonight, with all couples competing. On Tuesday there will be TWO eliminations. Which means, it is very important that you vote. A suggestion as mentioned by Fabian's brother Freddy and his gorgeous wife, Zinnia: to get a large number of votes in, go to and download the automatic voting system. Go to the website to get specifics and to answer any questions.
If you do not have the high def big screen that it would require to see every single facial expression on Fabian's animated face, I encourage you to go to the ABC 33/40 viewing party at the Comedy Club Stardome. The doors open at 6. Show begins at 7. From 8:30-10 there will be free dance lessons provided by the instructors of Fred Astaire, which is owned by Fabian and his lovely wife, Jackie. So, do join in the fun.
Big Daddy, Fabian's brother Freddy and I will be there! I hope you will join us in cheering Fabian on!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Easter and that your week will be a good one.
"Oh, Happy Day!"

PS Don't just watch, Vote for Fabian & Marlee!


Himey said...

Vote for Fabian & Marlee?

"Sure, I'll Do It!"

-- Marlee as Laura on Seinfeld Episode "The Lip Reader"

Anonymous said...

I'm coming to your house for Easter next year, okay?

Leigh said...

Hi Himey....or should I call you honey? Sadly I know enough about your little "world" to know that Himey and Big Daddy are one in the same. I know that Fabian and Marley will appreciate it. Yes, I got it, "Sure! I'll do it." when Marlee says she will read lips at the party. Awesome scene. Awesome episode. The restuarant scene when they are all sitting at the table is the best! We are to meet Freddy tonight at 6:30 at the party....Love you!

Bossy Pants, you are welcome anytime!!We'd love to have you!

ABBEY said...

Oh . . . My . . . Gosh!!! That feast! How delicious that must have been! Have ya noticed that you spend hours getting all this stuff put together and then everybody is stuffed like a pig in about 15 minutes and it's all over! OOHHHHH,but the leftovers are even better the next day! Looks ma'velous, da'ling!

Leigh said...

Abbey- that is funny you said that because my mother said it too yesterday. After all were done, I went to her to tell her how good it was and she said, "All that prep and it's already over". True. But so so good!