Friday, March 14, 2008

Hello Spring!~

Idabell Arther's (my great grandma) double Flowering Jonquils. A very old variety and very old bulbs. These bulbs are over a hundred years old. I dug them up from her yard. They are the first in my yard to announce Spring's arrival.

These are hydrengia's. They are just beginning to bud. My mom gave these to me several years ago.

"Johnny Jump Up's!" These remind me of my sweet aunts, Lillian and Preston. They always grew this variety. There was always something blooming at their little cottage. The ern in was used at mine and Big Daddy's wedding. It held gorgeous ferns. There are two. They were a pale yellow, but I spray painted them black and then rubbed on gold to highlight the relief in it and give it an aged patina. I think it needs a bit more...


Lindsey said...

OH. MY. Goodness! I love that you have some of your great grandma's flowers. Me too! I love, love, love working with plants. Somedays I wished I had gone into horticulture!

blessedme said...

Oh, beautiful!!! Love what you did with them!