Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday's Know and Tell Meme, 3/21

Know and Tell, the meme of Friday, hosted by To Know Him. Feel free to join in.

Question 1 Do you color your hair (give me some background info on this one)? Yes. I started when I graduated high school and have been ever since. Now I have mostly grey hair (Thanks Dad), though I hope no one else notices since I try to keep it well hidden with the help of a little thing called hair color and highlights.
Question 2 What is one thing that you do with your family (or by yourself) to celebrate Easter? We go to my parents home, where many other members of the tribe gather, there we break bread. My parents hide eggs for the Easter Egg hunt for the kids. One egg is a golden egg and has money inside.
Question 3 How old was your oldest living relative (still living or in the past)? Living it would be Big Daddy's grandpa, who is 92. Past would be my Dad's grandmother. She was 104 when she passed away.
Question 4 What is one thing that can be a "time waster" to you? (agreed) Sadly, the computer... I say sadly because I love it so much, but I find that I easily get lost in computer land or blogville, and waste a lot of time.
Question 5 Most annoying bug? Roaches. I am a tremendous fear of them, be it dead or alive. SO afraid of them. That is why I have Terrance my wonderful "bug man" come to the rescue every month and spray so we don't ever see them. Sometimes during the summer I see BIG ones on my deck and then I cannot go outside. I think the fear is rooted from my high school years at WA Berry. The roaches were huge (like the ones on the deck in summer). Seriously, as big as the state of Rhode Island. I kid you not. You tripped over them when you walked down the hallway. From that day forward, FEAR.
Bonus Question
Question 6 What does Easter mean to you? Jesus to me is reminder of the great sacrifice and testament of God's love for us. I think that we all need to become more conscious of the fact that is isn't a holiday to be celebrated one day of the year, but one we should make a conscious effort to remember everyday we live.


Toknowhim said...

Good answers this week, and have a wonderful Easter :)

jennifer said...

Very cool Meme. I hate roaches too. I also hate ants IN MY HOUSE (I could care less what they do outside) and I DESPISE those hopping waterbug cricket things. OMG-osh, every time Hubby goes out of town, one gets in my house and hops around. I HEAR it first, then go and investigate and find it. ACK! And they will hop TOWARD you as you try to squash them.

And, after that bug rant, Easter is Jesus to me too. I don't need bunnies or chocolate ( although the Chocolate is a pleasant benefit) to celebrate. Just give me JESUS.

Oh All Right....YES, we celebrate with baskets and egg hunts too, but JESUS is the reason for our Easter season.


Leigh said...

To know HIm-always fun.
Jennifer-THX. Yes, all those bugs are grose. Are you talking about camel crickets? I dispise those and yes they do come and jump at you. I have heard that they will actually bite. Have a wonderful Easter!