Monday, March 17, 2008

Did You See it?

How surreal was that? That was almost bizarre to see my pal Fabian on one of my most my favorite shows, Dancing With the Stars. I laughed, I cried, I was so thrilled for him. He did a fantastic job on the opening dance number. I cannot wait until Tuesday night. Which brings up a huge issue, as it does every year.....Dancing and Idol are on at the very same time and I do not own a tevo or recording device. Sucks. It really does. I am going to depend on the Internet to watch the Idol, as my allegiance is completely with Fabian. I wouldn't miss him dance for the world. Now, we have just some 23 hours to go! LOL!
And here is my very short rundown of the men celeb's completing tonight:

(celeb, what they are noted for, who they are dancing with, score they received)

Adam Carolla (radio host) with Julianne Hough 555-Not so good. Adam was very stiff and uncomfortable looking.
Cristián de la Fuente (International film star )with Cheryl Burke 777- The were pretty good. The judges said that Cristian needs to open up his shoulders more. This guy is hysterically funny.
Steve Guttenberg (Actor) with Anna Trebunskaya 666- Ok. Guttenburg appears to be trying very hard, but that is just it. I want it to appear effortless. He seems to be enjoying himself though. Good job.
Mario (R& B singer) with Karina Smirnoff 888- These kids were hot tonight. Very swave and sexy movements. Great! They are going to be ones to watch.
Penn Jillette (magician) with Kym Johnson 555-Bless Jillette. Big Daddy compared his grace to that of Robert from Everybody loves Raymond. True. No grace. Big feet.
Jason Taylor (football/NFL man of the year) with Edyta Sliwinska 877- Very well done. Jason has alot of grace and coordination, certainly from that macho role as a football player. Completely enjoyable.

Be sure to watch tomorrow at 9/8c to see the women:
Shannon Elizabeth, Marlee Matlin (WITH FABIAN), Priscilla Presley, Monica Seles, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Kristi Yamaguchi.
Marlee: "Read my hips!"
Monica: "I'm bringing my A+ game."
I will be tuning in!

*Please vote. While noone will be voted off this week, votes will count in totaling overscores as season progesses. Please vote for Fabian.


HEWY said...

Go Fabian!!!

Maebelle Park said...

I am pulling for Fabian!

Anonymous said...

Yes I did - Here's to Fabian!

And regarding Penn - LOL

Anonymous said...

I got back in the office this morning and checked out your blog...that was my first blog experience, very cool, where do you find the time??
I really did enjoy the pictures and story on Tom, he is such a "trip"! I watched the show last night and Fabien looked great....there is no way that guy is nearly my age, he must be 26, 27 or something, I need to start dancing!!
Take care!
Scottie Lee

"J" said...

Go Fabian!!! I must say that football player is kind of hot though!!! HE HE HE

I will back Fabian...just for you!!! =)