Thursday, March 6, 2008

Creative Ideas for Free

For all my blogger friends whose talents are decorating and making it seem effortless....Do you subscribe to Lowe's Creative Ideas for Home and Garden? (In particular, Nester, Maebelle Park, Jessica's Blog, Casa De Jules and Harrington House-this has your name all over it!) It is a bi monthly magazine, full of clever ideas and it's FREE! There are also two other free subscriptions, Garden and WoodPost.

I got my Creative Ideas Magazine yesterday, and with spring in the air, I am going to make me up some of these windowsill herb pots. I have a huge herb garden every year- up until last year when I got so sick of the neighbors dogs peeing on my mint leaves that I USE(D), not to mention the "compost" that was relieved. Now I have my herbs in huge pots on my porch where I don't have to worry.

Stepping onto my soapbox here: (My dogs are out there on the deck, but they don't hike and poop in them. Let it be said, I adore ADORE animals. This is the girl that stops on the side of the road making sure opossums are dead or playing (another story there). I have 5 dogs-there is a reason for that. I cannot say no and always want to help animals. But, None have ever been ALLOWED outside my fence to just roam and ruin people's property (on a daily basis). I respect my neighbors enough to not allow such. Of my dogs or my kids. Last year I also had to dig up the two bushes that flanked my front door because the peeing. The acidity just killed them. Ok, stepping off my the soapbox....)

Anyway-a neat little magazine with great ideas, and did I mention that it's FREE?

You are go here to subscribe:

Or to read the online (PDF) version:


Dullbert said...

hey if you have bushes dying I'd keep an eye on Big D and Bama not some little dog ! change their diet or something

Leigh said...

Dullbert-you might be onto something....
But actually I think they just go in the back for risk of neighbor's seeing them in action.

The Nester said...

Hey girl, I came here earlier today but, I spent the night at my sister's and was too lazy to relogin as myself at her house so it would have just look like she left a comment if I did. does that make any sense at all?

I am so glad that you told me about these resources!!! I cannot wait to get these!

Thanks so much!

Jessica said...

Fun!! I need to get my hands on those! : )

Mrs. Jules said...

Thanks for the info and the shout-out, Leigh! I've actually been wanting to pot some herbs for my kitchen window as well. I'll have to take a peak at the garden mag from Lowe's.