Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Coffee Talk

Lots to talk about today....Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Scamming Scammers, and birthday's among others.

A brief note on the band I heard once and became an instant fan, Act of Congress (see my "music reviews" on my blog). Act of Congress has a busy weekend ahead and you're invited! Here's the lowdown for those in and around the Birmingham area...
Wednesday, March 19 - Workplay Theater, $5, 8 PM
Thursday, March 20 - Green Hills Spa Bridal Show (at the Summit shopping center), 4 PM- 6:30PM (for all of the upcoming brides out there!) Call (205) 967-1177 for more info.
Saturday, March 21 - Christ Church United Methodist - 10 AM- 12 PM
Come out for a show to hear new tunes from AOC's upcoming release due out this summer! Check out their Myspace page for event details! You too, will become a fan, guaranteed!

Let's get started on the other topics, and be sure and weigh in on this small edition of "Coffee Talk". (LOL) No talking amongst yourselves....join in (Smile.)


m said...

Stumbled in and saying hello. I've never heard of Act of Congress but I will check out their myspace page later. Thanks for posting. Have a nice day.

Dullbert said...

leigh you ever heard of these guys from Alabaster.. Telic ?

Leigh said...

Hi M! Stumble in anytime, the door is always open. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

Dullbert-No I haven't. I gave them a listen and liked the sound. They have an old school sound of rockers, I like that. Do you know these guys? I am wondering b/c a mom of a band member called me to take her sons band pics. I think they lived in Alabster. She said they were an indie band. Moms name was Linda. Curious.

Dullbert said...

never heard of them till this week some guy I know knew I lived in helena and asked if I'd heard them?